Eureka Park Guide 2018

Investor’s Guide To Eureka Park: Emoshape

Emoshape Is The First Company To Create An Emotional Intelligence Engine.

Imagine if your Alexa, Google Home device or even your smart connected car, actually knew how you were feeling. Imagine if your car was able to ask you if you had a good day and pick the music on the radio to reflect that mood. Imagine if your smart home security system could understand if you were scared and engage the alarm automatically?

Those are just some of the things you can do with technology powered by the Exolife Emotion Engine from New York startup Emoshape.

We all know that tone of voice, be it mom, dad, child or significant other, where something is definitely wrong, so we ask “What’s wrong”. Most of the time the other person says “nothing” but we pry until we find out. Imagine if a smart assistant like Alexa or Siri was able to notice something was off and asked you “what’s wrong”.

Emoshape has created the emotions synthesis microchip (EPU). The chip is the backbone to making artificial intelligence found in self driving cars, personal assistants, robots, toys, IoT devices and other consumer electronics devices with:

  • Human machine interaction
  • Emotion speech synthesis
  • Emotional awareness
  • Machine emotional intimacy
  • AI personality
  • Machine learning and affective computing

Every significant industry that’s incorporating any kind of machine based AI today will be impacted by this technology. Imagine a smart assistant in a hospital hearing a cry or whimper and understanding that something is wrong. Imagine a VR game knowing that intense breathing on the users part is a signal of excitement or struggle. Imagine your self driving car being able to process your bad or good day and then tune the radio, lighting and drive to your emotional state. Imaging your smart assistant at home recognizing  that a cry out “Help” or shouting “Help” may mean you need medical assistance where as just saying help could mean you just have a question.

All of this is possible with the technology that Emoshape is working on.  The company is currently on their next generation of the EMU chip. For personal use the company is taking pre-orders for Exolife an emotional engine device featuring the EPU chip. You simply add the ExoLife device to your network and it will create a private cloud API inside the home which will be utilized by all connected devices giving your Alexa or Google Home device emotional intelligence. It can be also used in gaming which makes games and avatars emotionally intelligent. To experience the effect of emotional intelligence in gaming people who preorder ExoLife here, get the free version of their game Dream which takes full advantage of the EPU’s capability.

Emoshape recently announced partnerships with Jade and Orange Silicon Valley that really bring the emotional engine to life.

Find out more at and visit Eureka Park, booth #53064

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