Eureka Park Guide 2018

Investor’s Guide To Eureka Park: HabitAware

HabitAware, The Creators of Keen

Aneela Kumar is a Minneapolis based entrepreneur. She’s one of those always grinding, multi-tasking entrepreneurs. All her life she’s been pulling her hair out, and it’s not because she’s a busy woman. It’s been a bad habit of hers since she can remember. Kumar realized she needed to do something about her hair pulling and created Keen, a wearable with haptic feedback (vibration) that quickly reminds the user to stop doing whatever it is they were doing. The motion activated wearable re-trains the brain from bad habits.

Bad habits become bad habits because we do them subconsciously. The key to Keen is that it trains your brain to recognize when you’re about to do your bad habit. Once it’s makes that recognition and notifies you, your more cognizant of it. Once you realize you’re doing it, it’s easier to stop.

With hundreds of wearables at CES 2018, Keen is definitely one that will stand out because not only is it different, it’s truly useful. While there is no direct data available, outside of the Apple Watch and Fitbit, many people purchase wearables, only to set them aside and never pick them up again. Because of Keen’s specific use case, people who purchase it are more likely to continue using it.

Keen is built on the backbone of research into the psychology behind bad habits and helps you break them.

Find out more at and visit them in Eureka Park at booth #53042

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