Eureka Park Guide 2018

Investor’s Guide To Eureka Park: Smarterware

Smarterware by Ovie, The first Connected Food Storage System

40% of the food purchased by Americans gets wasted. One of the biggest drivers of this waste is that Americans don’t go back and finish their leftovers. In fact many people set leftovers in storage containers in the refrigerator and forget about them. The next time they go to see what’s in the storage container it’s to throw it away.

SmarterWare, the first connected food storage system, lets the user know what’s in each container, when it was put in the container and when it will be soiled. SmarterWare can also suggest other recipes you can make to repurpose that old food.

There are many smart refrigerators on the market. SmarterWare means you don’t have to change your refrigerator to get access to 2018 food storage technology. Smarterware looks like any other food storage containers. The technology enabled components give you access to useful information so you can prevent food going bad.

Smarterware containers are sturdy, food storage containers that have the added connectivity built inside. Ovie plans on shipping Smarterware in time for the 2018 holiday season but if you’re at CES 2018 you can see it this week in Eureka Park, booth #52130. You can also find out more at

  • This Ovie kitchen smartware really is wonderful! I could use some of those. Let’s wait til they are selling. And while you walk arond CES this beautiful day, come see us, Ausweis, present our product – smart lock controller compatible with any electric lock. Let us unlock the world for you! We are at booth #51875 (AUSWEIS) waiting for you at CES Eureka Park!

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