Eureka Park Guide 2018

Investor’s Guide To Eureka Park: PetMio

PetMio Is Really Changing Pet and Their People’s Lives
There are a lot of pet tech companies out there that make the claim they are changing pet’s lives. But the truth is, they are more novelty items. Pet parents love them and then grow tired of them and stop using them all together. PetMio is changing that forever.

Part food company, part technology company, PetMio uses a pet sized connected wearable that tracks your pets activity, habits and feedings. With that data PetMio sends your dog custom dog food that accurately takes into account their age, weight, activity and other data points to provide the most nutritional food available for them.

Many of the other pet products that suggest when pet’s need more food, typically do it through a device like the food bowl or the scooper. PetMio knows when to send your pet more food, based on your pet. Also, if your pet’s activity or weight changes, they will adjust the formula automatically to keep your pet healthy.

The data that PetMio is collecting tells an important story about your pet’s health. These are data points that veterinarian’s use to make a diagnosis quicker. Currently, when you bring your pet to the vet they need to do forensic work first to figure out what’s ailing your beloved fur buddy. PetMio data provides a much better picture of your pet’s overall health. PetMio is truly changing pet’s lives.

Find out more about PetMio at and visit them in Eureka Park, booth #52823

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