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2 Sens Is The Camera Add On That Puts True Mixed Reality In Everyone’s Finger Tips, See It At CES 2018

2sens-ces2018-eurekapark-top 2 Sens Is The Camera Add On That Puts True Mixed Reality In Everyone's Finger Tips, See It At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: 2Sens Will Demo Their Smartphone Camera Add On That Let’s Anyone Create True Mixed Reality Videos

Virtual reality and mixed reality have been the talk of the town in technology over the last four years. Every year at CES and other conventions across the globe, we see more and more virtual and mixed reality. We know that virtual reality can transport us to around the globe, and the solar system. School’s are using VR to help take kids on field trips to Africa and even the moon. VR has accelerated gaming in ways that were unimaginable just a few short years ago.

Augmented reality came to the forefront with Pokemon Go and then later at the Apple even unveiling the latest batch of iPhones. Using Augmented reality you and I can capture a Pokemon in the Walmart parking lot or place an Ikea couch in our living room.

But think about that Pokemon for a second. If you’re still playing Pokemon Go and you’re using AR mode than what you see is the Pokemon on top of the video in your camera. It’s not actually in your camera. For instance, have you ever been playing Pokemon Go in a parking lot, in AR mode, and wondered why the Pokemon doesn’t hide behind the other cars? That’s because it’s flat augmented reality.  Mixed reality can put these animated objects and other video elements actually into their surroundings.

In most cases, producing mixed reality content with birds flying around your head, or that animated character hiding behind a car or a keyboard, would involve paying a VR/AR studio thousands of dollars. Moshe Meyassed and his team at 2Sens have been working on making mixed reality accessible to the masses.

2sens-2 2 Sens Is The Camera Add On That Puts True Mixed Reality In Everyone's Finger Tips, See It At CES 2018That quest starts with the 2Sens camera attachment for smart phones which makes mixed reality truly mixed. The camera attachment connects to any smartphone and instantly turns your phone into a mixed reality studio camera. Now you can add animations, objects and other things to your videos. You can actually place them where you want in the video. In the explainer video at the bottom of this story he shows you how the cute green alien goes from on top of his desk to on his desk, specifically on his keyboard where he dances around the keys. This isn’t possible without true mixed reality technology.

Content created with the 2Sens camera can be displayed in full 3D VR with any of the popular virtual reality headsets or virtual reality headset adapters for smartphones. What makes this even better for the masses is that, with a click of a button the content can go 2D and be displayed on any smart phone. Just like the video below, the objects added to the video are still seen in their proper places.

Mixed reality brings amazing opportunity to movies, cinematic features, sports videos, explainer videos, marketing videos and more. With the 2Sens camera you capture your own content in 3D and create in four simple steps:

  • Connect the 2Sens dual camera
  • Capture moments in 3D like you would with your normal smartphone camera
  • 2Sens technology automatically processes the content in 3D and 2D
  • Share, the content can be shared and played on any virtual reality headset or smartphone

2Sens is the first company making mixed reality really mixed and making it available to the masses. You can experience 2Sens at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Jnuary 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51702 and online at

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