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Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka Park

2Sens-Banner-for-CES-2018 Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka ParkMeet These 5 Amazing Women Led Startups At The Most Diverse Startup Expo In The World, Eureka Park At CES 2018

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Eureka Park, the startup show within a show at CES 2018 has grown ten fold in the last five years. Originally, Eureka Park took up two ballrooms on the second floor of the Sands Convention Center below the Venetian. Today it takes up the entire first floor. Over 800 startups from 50 countries will be vying for your attention from January 9th through January 12th.

Startups in Eureka Park come from all walks of life. It’s by far the most diverse startup expo in the world. We’ve noticed that more and more female founders are bringing their startups to the biggest consumer technology event in the western hemisphere. Here are 5 amazing female founders you want to check out next week.

Keri Waters, Buoy Labs

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Droughts have been a major problem in California since 1841. 2011 to today has been the driest period in California history. That’s why in 2015 the state of California asked residents to cut back their water usage by 20%. At that time Keri Waters and her team set out to find the best way to cutback on water consumption. Were people taking showers that ran too long? Were people using the washing machine or the dishwasher too much? What Waters and her team at Buoy Labs found out was that the best way to cutback water usage was to stop leaks.

Their device, called Buoy, is a smart connected device that connects right into a homes water system. Buoy can let homeowners know when something isn’t right with their water system. Users can be notified when something is not right and Buoy can even cut your water off to prevent hefty bills and wasted water. Buoy will be in booth #51655 and they are online at buoy.ai

Ellie Karassemakers, Wanderwatch, The Netherlands

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Wanderwatch is a smart wearable for kids that goes well beyond what every other wearable for kids currently offers. Wanderwatch can give a parent a precise gps location of their kids and allows them to communicate with their kids through pictures, drawings and text messages.

What makes Wanderwatch truly special is that Ellie and her team designed the watch to get kids off their butts, away from screens and back outside. For this, the watch features a camera, sound effects, games and even a scavenger hunt. It also features a bluetooth magic stone that can be used in outdoor interactive games with multiple kids.

With Wanderwatch parents have peace of mind in that they can locate their kids, and their kids are outside having fun.

Wanderwatch is at booth #51522 and online at wanderwatch.com 


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Aneela Kumar, Keen by Habitaware

habitaware-ces2018-eurekapark-top Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka Park

Aneela Kumar is an entrepreneur that’s been pulling her hair out, literally, all of her life. It’s not just because she’s busy. It’s not because she’s an entrepreneur moving in 100 different directions at a time. It’s not a figure of speech. Kumar has been pulling her hair out since she was a kid and she knew she needed to find a way to stop it.

That’s when she came up with the idea for Keen, a unique wearable that uses a motion sensor to help stop people from bad habits like pulling your hair, fidgeting, scratching and more. When the user’s hands make the motion that they’re about to do their bad habit they get haptic feedback reminding them to stop. And it works.

Keen was designed to help take your bad habits out of your subconscious and make you aware of them, hence the name of Kumar’s company, HabitAware. You can find them in booth #53042 and online at habitaware.com 


Nelly Meunier, Hopen Project, Hopen Family, France

hopen-family-ces2018-eurekapark-top Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka Park

They say a picture is worth 1000 words and a video is worth 1000 more. Technology has made it easy to send videos and pictures to just about everyone we love. But what about our older relatives, grandparents, parents, even great uncles and aunts. Many older folks don’t have smartphones and if they do, they aren’t keen on how to use them as quickly and easily as we do. We take the smatphone for granted and often don’t realize what a learning curve it could be for our grandparents who’s VCR’s still brazenly display blinking 12:00 at Thanksgiving dinner.

Meunier’s Hopen Family device is an HDMI dongle that allows family members and friends to safely, securely and quickly send pics and videos directly to the user’s tv. The device requires virtually no training, it’s like a family’s own special TV network. Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t make it to Billy’s soccer game, send it to their Hopen Family device and they can watch it in their living room.

Hopen Family gives these people access to precious memories and let’s them participate in ways they never have before. It’s also great for seniors who live at home by themselves. They can quickly watch picture albums and videos of their family and friends when they are lonely.

You’ll find Hopen Family in booth #50878 and online at hopen.family


Lauren Longo, Baby Logger, Atlanta Georgia

babylogger-2 Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka Park

Don’t fault us for saying this because it’s definitely true, for so many of us. We all live very busy lives. Parents of newborns take their level of busy up about 100 notches. New moms and dads have to juggle hectic work schedules, activity schedules and friends and family. If there are other children in the home, they have their own schedules and activities as well. So it isn’t surprising that sometimes we can’t remember when the last time the baby had a bottle, or a good nap. When you’re parenting with your significant other it’s easy to make the assumption that they changed the diaper, they gave baby a bottle or put him or her down for a nap.

Lauren Longo has developed Baby Logger, it’s a device that allows parents of babies to quickly log what’s going on in the babies daily routine, with the push of a button. The device can be hung on the nursery wall and as a parent goes into the nursery to nurse, change a diaper, burp, pump or put baby down for  a nap, they hit a button that signifies it was done.

Baby Logger connects to an app that keeps a master log and then when you go to see the pediatrician you look like a rockstar with all of your baby’s data right there at your fingertips.

Sure there are apps that let you log the things you do for your baby, but that adds just another thing to remember, did I add that feeding to the baby app? With Baby Logger you do it and log it, it’s that simple.

Baby Logger can be found at booth #51867 and online at mybabylogger.com 

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