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Eureka Park Preview: 6th AI

6th-EUREKAPARK-top Eureka Park Preview: 6th AICES 2018 Eureka Park Preview: 6th Is Using AI, Sensors and More To Improve Motorcycle Safety

Technology is improving every facet of our daily lives. The biggest technologies as we head into CES 2018 and Eureka Park are virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, 3D Printing and AI.

Artificial Intelligence or AI as we affectionately know it is in a lot more places than we think and it’s growing, in a good way. AI isn’t the cyborgs or Terminators of decades past. AI is constantly improving people’s lives.

We all know that AI like Google Now and Siri help us every day do everyday tasks. There’s AI like Alexa that is quickly finding her way into every device that impacts our daily lives. There’s also AI like Sia, helping college students.

What about safety though?

A company called 6th, as in 6th sense is using an artificial intelligence infused hardware device to improve the safety of motorcycle riders.

6th’s Dynamic Collision Avoidance System is proprietary technology that helps riders avoid front and rear end collisions by alerting riders when their safe distance is compromised. 6th’s system also provides lane and merge alert to other motorists about the riders presence to avoid riders from being cut off.

6th also has a state of the art Fatigue and Distraction Management system. This system detects aggressive or distracted riding and provides the rider with corrective visual and haptic feedback in real time. It also helps the rider identify fatigue and helps them stay focused.

Sensors in the 6th system capture 1000s of data points allowing their AI technology to truly make the riding experience safer.

More and more people are buying motorcylces than ever before. Riding is a great way to blow off steam or reflect and of course it’s a great method of transportation especially in congested areas. Not to mention, with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Meet 6th for yourself in Eureka Park at CES 2018, booth #51509 January 9-12 and find them online at

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