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Eureka Park Preview: Retrain Your Brain With Keen By HabitAware

habitaware-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Retrain Your Brain With Keen By HabitAwareCES Startup: Keen By HabitAware Is A Wearable Designed To Retrain Your Brain And Curb Your Bad Habits

Do you have a bad habit that you’ve been trying to shake for a long time. Something that you’ve been doing that you just can’t stop. Is it nail biting, thumb sucking, hair pulling, or maybe skin picking? Well psychologists will tell you that you have to retrain your brain to rid yourself of these habits you don’t even realize you’re doing.

If you have one of these bad habits, don’t be ashamed, millions of Americans do too. Habits form when things become routine, when you don’t have to think about them anymore. With habits like hair pulling and nail biting it’s not that you don’t have to think about them anymore, it’s that you don’t thin about them at all.

“These routines can become hardwired in our brains,” Dr. Nora Volkow a director with NIH said. 

That’s what happened with Aneela Kumar. Kumar is a Minneapolis based entrepreneur that appears to be just another one of those passionate, innovative, hard working women. But for over 20 years she had a secret. She was a hair puller. She would find herself pulling her hair out after the fact, not even realizing she did it.

Like all true entrepreneurs, she had to figure out a way to solve this problem for herself. She knew that somehow she could use technology to do this and the idea for Keen was born.

What she found is what NIH scientists have been saying for years. Humans are the easiest animals to retrain these habits that are engrained in our brains. It all starts with awareness.

Armed with that information Kumar and her team started developing Keen a new kind of wearable that helps raised awareness to the user, every time they go for their normal bad habit.

Users wear Keen on their wrist and their patented gesture detection can tell when your hand is going for your goto habit. If your habit is hair pulling, as your arm and hand raise towards your head, you get a vibration alert that will signal you to stop. If your habit is nail biting, as your hand comes close to your mouth, you get that subtle vibration. No one else around you will know you’re using Keen, but the alert is strong enough that you’ll know to stop.

Kumar’s company is called HabitAware because that’s Keen’s job, to make the user aware when they are about to partake in their habit. The company identifies four main habits that it can help stop:

  • nail biting
  • skin picking
  • hair pulling
  • thumb sucking

It’s gesture detection system can be triggered for up to four detection areas. Even if your habit is finger snapping, Keen can help stop that as well.

Keen comes in three stylish varieties; black sporty, teal sporty and a third style with a leather band called simply, stylish.  Keen is designed to work with or without a companion app. The app will allow you to train your Keen wearable to look for specific behavior and movement. The device syncs data to the app so you can track your progress in kicking your habit. It can also function as a stand alone.

See the future of habit breaking at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #53042 and online at habitaware.com 

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