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Eureka Park Preview: Sofihub Is Giving Seniors Freedom and Independence

beyondzero-ces-banner Eureka Park Preview: Sofihub Is Giving Seniors Freedom and IndependenceAustralian Startup Sofihub Is Using Artificial Intelligence and More To Give Seniors Freedom and Independence

sofihub-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Sofihub Is Giving Seniors Freedom and Independence

An Australian startup called Sofihub is giving seniors freedom and independence with the assistance of artificial intelligence. At the same time, their device is non invasive, understatedly chic and requires virtually no training. In addition, Sofihub doesn’t require the user to wear a pendant, bracelet or smart watch.

Sofihub is able to give the children and care-givers of older loved ones peace of mind while also making sure that the user is comfortable and doing the things they need to do to maintain their independence.

All of this starts with reminders that are as easy to set up as uploading a Google calendar. Sofihub can ensure that the user doesn’t miss important appointments and that they stay on the right schedule for any medication they may be taking. A hydration reminder reminds the user that it may be time for a glass of water.

Sofihub serves as a hub for a senior’s smarthome. That means that it can easily be connected to other smart appliances. Sofihub can let the user know that they left the refrigerator door open, that it may be time to do the dishes or ask if they meant to leave the TV on. If the user fell asleep with the TV on, Sofihub can turn it off for them.

ovie-ces-banner-720 Eureka Park Preview: Sofihub Is Giving Seniors Freedom and IndependenceSofihub uses artificial intelligence to learn the user’s routines and is there for the user as a digital companion in a more proactive way than even Alexa or Google Home. Sofihub will welcome the user home when they get in or remind the user they may need a coat if it’s a little cold outside. These smart reminders and interactions with the user make Sofihub a welcomed companion for independent seniors who may be living alone.

For the user’s children and caregivers, Sofihub looks for abnormalities in the user’s routine, if something isn’t right it will check in with the user and notify friends and family members if there is some kind of problem. This gives children and caregivers peace of mind that no other device can provide.

There are more and more baby boomers getting settled into retired life and even assisted living. This presents a tremendous market of older people who have gone through life fiercely independent. Elder care support organizations like the AARP see a trend in that more and more elderly people are going to wait until the absolute last possible minute before moving into assisted or senior living facilities. Seniors want to remain independent and at their own home as long as possible and technology like Sofihub is leading the way.

That’s why Sofihub was one of the five startups recognized with this year’s CES Accessibility awards. See Sofihub for yourself at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #50847 and online at

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CES-nibletz-house-banner-2 Eureka Park Preview: Sofihub Is Giving Seniors Freedom and Independence