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Eureka Park Preview: Agrieye Is Smart Technology For Today’s Family Farmers

agrieye-CES2018-EurekaPark-top-1 Eureka Park Preview: Agrieye Is Smart Technology For Today's Family FarmersAgrieye Wants To Help Over 500 million Family Farmers WorldWide With Their Technology

Agritech is changing the world for farmers far and wide. There are a lot of solutions out there for monitoring cattle, pigs, horses, crops and more. Many of those solutions are designed for large scale farming operations, and priced accordingly.  While technology accelerators across the globe are developing technology for most facets of farming, one that isn’t represented very well is soil.

Soil is the make it or break it factor for many of the 500 million family farmers across the world, with farms less than 5 acres.  Typically farmers take soil measurements and readings by hand, leaving a lot of important data in limbo. Five different farmers may read the same soil data, aggregated by hand, in five different ways. This causes farmers to pour thousands of dollars into chemical treatments in hopes that they can grow the biggest and best crops during the crop season. Many of these farmers are reliant on one, possibly two harvests a year, to make their entire annual income.

An agritech startup in the Ukraine sees the importance of vital soil data analysis and how important it is to those 500 million family farmers.

Agrieye get it’s name from the technology they’ve created for remote sensing and soil analysis. They’ve created a first of it’s kind, multispectral camera, that can detect soil compound data to tell farmers what exactly is going on in their fields.  This camera, designed to work with special UAVs is capable of monitoring up to 2000 hectares (about 5,000 acres) per day with a ground resolution of 5cm per pixel.

They are using the data from the farms using their technology to create a global soil map. Essentially creating the Google Maps for soil data. This kind of data, never before available, will be able to track trends much larger than what’s going on at each farm.

For a better understanding, picture this, in Oklahoma there are over 25,000 farms under 5 acres. You may travel through 100 miles on Route 40 and pass 20 different farms. If a farmer on each end of the grid noticed there was something wrong with their soil, chances are there is something wrong with all of the soil. The forthcoming map from Agrieye would be able to tell farmers that.

Agrieye is creating this map and improving upon their technology daily. Their business supports family farmers, large scale farms, finance companies, governments and the future of agritech.

Visit Agrieye for yourself at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51549 and online at

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img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: Agrieye Is Smart Technology For Today's Family Farmers