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Eureka Park Preview: Beyond Zero, Colder, Smoother, Stronger, Cocktails

beyondzero-CES2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Beyond Zero, Colder, Smoother, Stronger, CocktailsWith Beyond Zero You’ll Never Have A Watered Down Cocktail Again

When entrepreneur Jason Sherman, the founder of Beyond Zero, was living in Florida he quickly got tired of watered down cocktails. Whenever he would order an alcoholic drink with very little ice, it would come in a glass filled to the brim with ice. We’ve all experienced his pain. If you don’t chug down that Bourbon, Tequilla or Rum it’s definitely going to get watered down, lose it’s flavor, and it’s kick.

At the time, Sherman was working on a nitrogen freezing ice cream machine. So he decided to put some alcohol in the machine and what came out was colder, smoother and stronger. That’s where the idea for BeyondZero was born.

While everyone talks about how amazing the ice is that comes from the Opal Nugget Ice Maker, it’s still ice, and it will still melt. The key to a colder, smoother, stronger cocktail is to eliminate the water based ice all together and BeyondZero does just that.

The machine itself, being marketed to bars, is a counter top machine that uses about as much energy as a 100 watt lightbulb. The magic with Beyond Zero is that you put alcohol into the machine. The machine freezes your average base spirits like Bourbon, Whiskey, Rum and Tequilla in about five minutes. That means you can serve quickly.

Instead of using water, the machine uses the spirit to create ice. Once frozen, the ice can be dispensed into a drink and as it melts, it turns back into the original alcohol, making drinks smoother, colder and stronger.  The alcohol created ice turns into the cooling agent, creating drinks reminiscent of an earlier time. In the olden days, before ice makers, the alcohol itself was stored at very cold temperatures and came out nearly freezing, for a much better experience.

“The very cold cold aspect removes ethanol heat and allows the flavor profiles to release and reveal themselves in a much different way than we’ve ever experienced drinking.” Sherman says.

Sherman decided to take his startup to Kentucky and the Kentucky Innovation Network. Kentucky of course being the spirtits capital of the U.S.

After a 90,000 mile tour crisscrossing the entire country, Sherman is set to show BeyondZero off to the world at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #53060. You can also learn more at their website, bzice.com.

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CES-nibletz-house-banner-2 Eureka Park Preview: Beyond Zero, Colder, Smoother, Stronger, Cocktails