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CES 2018: The Best Drinks In Las Vegas Last Week Were At The Beyond Zero Booth

ovie-ces-banner-720 CES 2018: The Best Drinks In Las Vegas Last Week Were At The Beyond Zero BoothEureka Park Startup Beyond Zero Turns Alcohol Into Ice

Beyond Zero is a startup that’s turning alcohol into ice. That may seem odd at first, but it makes a lot of sense. The Kentucky based startup was founded by Jason Sherman after he experienced one too many watered down drinks at bars in South Florida, perhaps the bar capital of the east coast. Drinks were often served with too much ice and after a few minutes the water from the ice would water down his drinks. I know, you’re thinking you’ve experienced this too.

Sherman was working with a company that made ice cream out using liquid nitrogen, think Dippin Dots. He thought, why couldn’t the same technology be applied to alcohol. Freezing spirits into ice would mean that as it melted you would have more of the spirit instead of water.

Another big benefit is that the freezing process is taking away ethanol which is what gives you that burning feeling when you’re drinking alcohol.

After a few iterations they have perfected the technique. The result is a smoother, more potent and pure adult beverage.

Right now Beyond Zero is basically two machines, the ice making machine and an extremely cold machine that stores the ice once it’s made. The spirit of choice is put on the back of the ice machine and a small hose is inserted into the bottle. The alcohol is brought into the machine via the hose, frozen and then dispensed like a normal ice maker. Now you can freeze your brandy in the Beyond Zero machine, then when it melts you still have brandy.

At CES 2018 they were showing off how easy it is to turn alcohol into ice. They also molded the ice into different shapes making the drinks even more aesthetically appealing.

While Sherman and his team visited with a variety of bar and restaurant owners, normal consumers were also interested in the table top devices. If you enjoy a good, smooth adult beverage you’re going to want a Beyond Zero machine. Watch our video interview above and for more info visit bzice.com

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