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Eureka Park 2018: Boarding VAR Is Eliminating Motion Sickness In VR

beyondzero-ces-banner Eureka Park 2018: Boarding VAR Is Eliminating Motion Sickness In VRCES 2028 Video: We Saw Technology That Will Eliminate Motion Sickness In VR.

40% of people who have tried virtual reality have also experienced motion sickness.

Motion sickness comes when your sensory signals collide. Basically your eyes think you’re moving but your ears don’t. For some people this is no big deal but for other’s it can be temporarily crippling. Humans are equipped with our own personal accelerometer’s since birth called the Vestibular System, and it’s actually found in your inner ear.

Even the most expensive virtual reality systems haven’t taken into consideration the sensory conflict that causes motion sickness. For those users who experience VR related motion sickness, the solution is typically just not to use it.

Boarding Ring has come up with a great solution that allows people prone to motion sickness to enjoy virtual reality like everybody else. The idea is pretty simple, find a way to eliminate the sensory conflict. Designing the solution was no small feat.

After years of research and development, Boarding Ring has developed Boarding VAR, a system that creates a horizontal plane into the user’s field o view. This horizontal plane gives the eyes an inertial reference similar to the inner ears. With the horizontal plane in place the sensory conflict becomes impossible, users can go on and enjoy playing virtual reality games or using VR for work seamlessly and without feeling like they are going to vomit.

Boarding VAR can be built into any VR/AR device including stand alone headsets and headsets that are dependent on a smart phone. They are planning to work with VR manufacturers and also create a device that can be retrofit to existing VR headsets.

We got a chance to talk with Antoine Jeannin Co-founder and CEO of Boarding Ring at CES. Check out the video above and for more information visit them at boardingvar.com

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