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Don’t Be One Of The 11 Million Packages Stolen Each Year, Check Out BoxLock At CES 2018

boxlock-CES2018-eurekapark-top Don't Be One Of The 11 Million Packages Stolen Each Year, Check Out BoxLock At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview: BoxLock Is The Easiest Way To Protect Your Front Porch Packages

11 million packages are stolen each year off front porches across the United States. Many people think, that because they live in affluent neighborhoods they aren’t susceptible to such a horrible act. They believe that because they have cameras on their front porch and driveway that thieves will be deterred. The truth of the matter is that affluent neighborhoods are where these package thieves strike first.

It doesn’t matter what kind of neighborhood you live in. Thieves just follow the FedEx truck or the UPS truck, right to your front door. They make sure they’re wearing clothes where they can’t be identified and when the packages are dropped off and the coast is clear, they just put them in their cars.

For obvious reasons, right now is the time that thieves are out in full force turning your Amazon deliveries into cash or their own Christmas presents.

An Atlanta company called BoxLock has taken to Kickstarter to launch their first of it’s kind, smart padlock specifically designed for protecting deliveries. At press time they had already more than doubled their Kickstarter goal of $20,000, for the padlock that Digital Trends calls “…outrageously simple to use”

Just how easy is it?

All you need to do to use BoxLock is have a locking box on your front porch, back deck or in your yard. Make sure your storage box is securely fastened in place and wait for your BoxLock to arrive. Once it arrives you just put the BoxLock on your storage device and wait for packages to arrive.

Delivery drivers don’t need some fancy app or to remember a passcode. The barcode that every major carrier uses is what opens the BoxLock and it only works with barcodes for packages out for delivery that particular day. When a delivery driver places a package in your storage container and opens it with your packages barcode, they just put the package in the container, close the container back up and re-hatch the lock. Once the lock has been closed, the BoxLock app sends you a message to let you know that your package has arrived and which package it was.

BoxLock can also be used for local deliveries as well, all you have to do is provide your delivery drivers with a barcode that you can easily print. Did your kids have a friend over that left their Nintendo Switch, no worries, put the Switch into your storage device, lock it with the BoxLock and then send that friends’ parents a barcode. They can swing by your home when it’s convenient for them, to retrieve it and everything stays secure.

If you’re just using the BoxLock for Amazon and other e-commerce deliveries it’s wicked easy. Literally put the BoxLock on your storage container and you’re off to the races.

BoxLock plans to finish it’s final design by the end of the year. They plan to start shipping in the Spring. It’s not too late to pre-order on Kickstarter.

Want to see how easy the BoxLock is in person? Visit with this Atlanta startup at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51856 and online at

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  • Tai Wilson

    Unfortunately, this product requires that the package delivery person gives a shit about the safety and security of the packages they are delivering. I can’t even get my UPS and Postal Service drivers to ring the doorbell after they bounce my packages on my front porch.”Minimum Service Level” is the rule with these morons. I have zero chance of getting their cooperation with this product.

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