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Americans Are Washing A Lot Of Dishes Today, Bet They Wish They Had Buoy

buoy-labs-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Americans Are Washing A Lot Of Dishes Today, Bet They Wish They Had BuoyEureka Park Preview: You Love Your Water, So Does Buoy

For many years of my adult life I always had the common misconception in my head that washing dishes by hand actually used less water. I remember my first efficiency apartment in college. It had a dishwasher and I was so excited. It also came with a water bill. My mom always told me that her water bills in our big house were under $100 so when my bill was $80 I freaked out. You see, I was washing dishes by hand because I thought it would save water.

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago when I first heard about Buoy that I found out that washing dishes by hand can use up to 80 gallons of water. The dishwasher, just three.

Buoy is a smart device for your water system that monitors your water usage and gives you real time data, the ability to remotely shut off your water system, and has a single point of installation.

It was created by Keri Waters (no pun intended) and her team of engineers who have lived in California through record droughts. In 2015, as the state asked residents to cut back their water usage 20%. That seems easy enough right? Cut back shower time. Water the lawn less. Only run the dishwasher while it’s full. Well, as lawns across California’s affected areas turned brown, there was still a lot of excess water consumption. The source, leaks.

Waters and her team found that just about everyone has a leak of some sort, but half the time they don’t even know it. There could be a drip drip drip under the house and you would never be the wiser.

That’s why they created Buoy. Buoy will let you know when something is not right with your water system. It can also give you the ability to shut it off remotely. With Buoy, you could be away in another state, notice that the pipes may freeze, and have your Buoy act accordingly.

After two years of beta testing, developing, and iterating, Buoy is finally shipping. You can see Buoy first hand at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, booth #51655. You can also check it out, and order one for yourself at

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