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Your Dog’s New Best Friend Is A Robot Named Laika

ovie-ces-banner-720 Your Dog's New Best Friend Is A Robot Named LaikaEureka Park Preview: Laika From CamToy Is Your Dog’s New Best Friend

camtoy-laika-ces2018-eurekapark-top Your Dog's New Best Friend Is A Robot Named Laika

Dog’s are the most loyal companions in the world. They provide unconditional love and it seems no matter how long you were away at work, at school or out shopping, whenever you get back it’s like you’ve been good for days. When you walk through the door you often get showered with hugs and kisses from your canine companion. What you don’t see is how bored they were when you weren’t home.

If you work or go to school full time, and you’ve been lucky, you may have a dog that just sits on the couch or the bed all day waiting for you. He or she may get up a few times and watch the kids playing outside or bark at the mailman but that’s their simple life. If you aren’t so lucky and have a hyper dog, when you get home it’s clean up time.

A lot of destruction from dogs comes from sheer boredom and could easily be fixed if you were home all day. But someone needs to pay for the treats, the toys and the dog food and no matter how hard you try and explain that to the dog they just don’t understand.

That’s why Thomas, Fabian, Samy and Marvin, a group of entrepreneurs in France, created their company CamToy. CamToy is using robotics and other technology to make innovative products for pets. Their first product, Laika, is a dog’s new best friend.

habitaware-ces-banner-720 Your Dog's New Best Friend Is A Robot Named LaikaLaika is a companion robot that has all the features you’re looking for as a busy pet owner. The robot, not much larger than a Roomba, roams about the floor and features a camera, speaker, microphone and treat dispenser. All of these functions can be controlled by an app, anywhere in the world. That means when your dog is sitting at home bored, and you catch a couple of free minutes, you can play chase, or fetch with dog treats. The dog can hear your voice and you can hear your dog bark back.

If you just want to check on your dog and you’re not sure where he or she may be, you can control Laika to move about your home until you find your dog, and then of course, it’s play time.

Unlike other pet products on the market, Laika also has a companion connected accessory that fits on your dogs collar. Using the collar attachment Laika can function in autonomous mode. When your dog gets bored or gets up from one of their 11 naps, they can go find Laika and play. Laika will move about the room and let your dog chase it.

Laika isn’t just a cool toy for your dog, it’s backed by veterinarians and dog behavior specialists like Therry Bedossa a veterinarian based in Paris that helped the CamToy team develop Laika and ensure that it’s a great device to cure doggie boredom.

Meet your dog’s new best friend Laika, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #50640 and visit them online at camtoy.fr 

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