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Eureka Park Preview: Case By Case Is The Most Flexible Phone Case In The World, It’s All In The Logo

casebycase-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Case By Case Is The Most Flexible Phone Case In The World, It's All In The LogoCase By Case May Be The Most Flexible Phone Case In The World, and It’s All In The Logo

There are a lot of companies that have tried and failed to introduce a successful modular case system to the market. Even Otterbox has tried a modular accessory case for it’s rugged cases, but the uptick hasn’t been nearly that of other Otterbox and Lifeproof cases.

What we’ve seen, since our days with thedroidguy, when it comes to modular cases is big, bulky cases where everything was designed to click into a square of some kind, often adding a world of bulk to even the slimmest of smartphones.

Leave it to a group of friends and neighbors in San Diego to create a new kind of expandable case system, designed specifically to work with mounts and accessories that you’ll actually need. I mean how many modular systems are going to introduce a camera that’s far more inferior to the onboard camera. Let’s not even talk about Essential, Essential who?

The San Diego group calls itself Case By Case, or CXC for short. They believe that each case can and should be customized to what the user actually wants. For instance, CXC offers your choice of a slim, understated bumper that offers great protection, or a much fuller buoyant bumper, which paves the way for more accessories.

Now, in the headline and at the top of the page we said “it’s all in the logo” and with CXC it truly is. On the back of the CXC case is the CXC logo, that’s actually a mounting system. Currently, CXC offers a GoPro mount, a versatile handlebar mount for your bicycle, motorcycle or Vespa, or an armband mount for the jogger in the family. With CXC it’s easy to buy all the mounts and use them when you need. The best part is their mounts fasten into their CXC logo without having to dismantle the case.

The C’s on the logo actually fold out to create a way to stand your phone up for viewing in landscape mode. These guys (and gals) have thought of everything.

The Case By Case team will be introducing more mounts and accessories. Speaking of which, they currently offer a backup battery, card holder and folio wallet.

In 14 years of covering CES with the last decade being the “mobile phone” generation we’ve seen literally thousands of case manufacturers. Without a doubt, CXC is actually on to something. See for yourself in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, booth #51877 and online at 

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