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Eureka Park Preview: Meet CloviFi The Most Versatile Audio Device For Home Or Office

clovitek-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Meet CloviFi The Most Versatile Audio Device For Home Or Office

CloviFi by Clovitek was named a CES 2018 Innovations Award Honoree (photo: Clovitek)

CES 2018 Preview: Clovitek’s, CloviFi, Wireless Audio Transmitter Technology Has Limitless Possibilities In Homes, Restaurants, and Offices.

CloviFi is a wireless audio transmitter that connects to any audio device source. Once connected, the CloviFi distributes the audio to any smartphone device on the same WiFi through the use of Clovitek’s mobile application. They were just named a CES 2018 Innovations Awards Honoree. That’s because the simple, yet innovative device, is one of the most versatile audio devices today.

The first use for the CloviFi is clear. Hook the CloviFi to your home audio system or home TV and then anyone in the house can listen to that device privately without disturbing others. This is perfect if your significant other is falling asleep and you want to keep watching the game or that Hallmark movie. It’s also great for kids that want to play their video game system without disturbing everyone else in the room. There’s no need to pair Bluetooth headphones to their Xbox One, they just need to have the app.

But that’s just the start for this easy to use but versatile device.

Here are six other ways to use the CloviFi

Take your game anywhere inside or outside of the house

With CloverFi the key is WiFi. You’re not limited to the distance of Bluetooth technology. Most homes are using access points and WiFi range extenders so that they can use their devices in the yard, and across the house. Now while you’re doing housework or sunbathing by the pool you can take the audio from your favorite game with you.

Headphone Disco

Headphone discos are all the rage, now you can throw one at home. A headphone disco is a dance where everyone listens to the dj and the music through their headphones and the room is actually silent. It’s a fairly new concept but really cool. Using the CloviFi technology, multiple users with smartphones can listen to the same audio source.

Band Practice

Are your kids in a garage band. Now they can listen to their whole band playing through their headphones without running cords all throughout the house. Simply connect their mixer to the CloverFi device and then all of the bandmates can listen to the music through their smartphones and headphones, eliminating a headache for mom and dad.


Connect the CloverFi to your audio system with your audio tour of your open house and as visitors come in to check out the house they can listen to the audio tour through the comfort of their own device.

Staff Meetings

Make sure that every member of your staff, whether they’re in the back of the conference room, or still sitting at their desks, can listen to your meeting. CloverFi makes it easy by sending the audio through your wifi.


Many schools have 1:1 device initiatives and they’re already on the school’s WiFi network. Now, teachers can make sure every student hears them through their audio system by listening with their own headphones on their own device. CloverFi is the most affordable and easiest way to ensure every student can hear, every time.

Check out the versatility of CloverFi in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. January 9-12th, booth #50008 and online at clovitek.com

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Nibletz-EurekaPark Eureka Park Preview: Meet CloviFi The Most Versatile Audio Device For Home Or Office