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CES 2018: Clovitek, This Amazing Device Was Born Out Of A Trip To The Gym

petmio-cesbanner CES 2018: Clovitek, This Amazing Device Was Born Out Of A Trip To The GymEureka Park: This Versatile Audio Device For Home, Office, Education and Enterprise, Was Born Out Of A Trip To The Gym

When Vitaly Kirkpatrick made the move from the Ukraine to Salt Lake City Utah to go to college he did what most college students do and joined a gym. He quickly noticed that while he was using an exercise bike or a treadmill that he liked to catch up on the news, luckily the news was always playing on one of the gym’s TVs. This gym allowed their members to plug earbuds into the machine so that they could hear what was on the TV in front of them. The problem was, that when Vitaly was ready to move to free weights or nautilus equipment, his programs were just halfway through. Why couldn’t he take that sound from the TV with him to the next piece of equipment.

As Vitaly explained this to me at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, the idea behind his company and device called Clovitek, became amazingly clear.

Clovitek has developed a device that plugs into the audio output of a TV or really any device. It also connects to your network by ethernet cable or wifi and voila, through an app you can hear the audio from the input device on any smartphone on your wifi network. Genius right?

This means that if you’re watching tv in the living room and it’s time to make dinner, you can keep up with the audio from the show by simply tuning to your Clovifi device on your smartphone.

It’s perfect for gyms, translation services and even classrooms. The CloviFi app allows you to use as many CloviFi boxes as you want. Each box has it’s own identifier, think of it as a channel. So in the case of the gym, each TV can have it’s own CloviFi box and gym members can tune their phones to whichever tv they want to watch. There’s no limit on the amount of devices that can tune into a Clovifi box.

In a school setting, imagine sitting in a lecture with 300 other students. With CloviFi either plugged into the professor’s microphone or the digital display system they’re using, every student in the room can enjoy the entire experience.

The possibilities are endless. Clovitek is introducing a consumer version of the box first, in the next two to three months. In your home it could be used so that kids can play video games without disturbing the rest of the family. It could also be used so you could finish watching that movie alongside your sleeping partner. The possibilities with Clovifi are endless.

Check out our video interview from CES 2018 above and for more info visit clovitek.com 

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