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Eureka Park Preview: Daplie Is The Personal Server Even Grandma Can Operate

daplie-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Daplie Is The Personal Server Even Grandma Can OperateWhat You Think  You Know About The Cloud Is Wrong, Check Out Daplie At CES 2018

iCloud, DropBox, and Google Drive are super convenient, and easy to use. But with the convenience and ease of use comes with a compromise for your personal files. With a public cloud, like these services offer, there’s always a level of risk. You may think your files are protected, and they could be, but we never imagined the likes of Sony, or even Equifax would get hacked. While Apple, DropBox and Google employ some of the best security in the world, if you knew the numbers of times hacks were attempted, it would be draw dropping.

Daplie is a personal server that’s as easy to use as iCloud, DropBox, GoogleDrive and Microsoft One Drive, but with the security and protection of your own device.

With Daplie, the owner has full control over their very own cloud server, with no storage limits, or monthly fees. Daplie is private and secure. With Daplie your files stay your files and you concede no power to anyone else, period.

“In a world gone wild with connected devices, we are striving to put the ‘I’ back in internet,” co-founder AJ ONeal said in a press release. “We enable normal everyday people to have the convenience of their very own Cloud Server to manage their digital lives, completely in the safety and privacy of their own home. Which also means no storage limits, no monthly fees, and greater security and autonomy.”

Back in 2016 the Provo based Daplie went to Kickstarter for the launch of their first product. Of course they were overfunded because everyone wants their own solution, without running to BestBuy and getting a Seagate or Western Digital external hard drive. What if you forge the external hard drive on a trip?

With Daplie you can:

  • Easily share content
  • Host websites, apps, and email
  • Automatically back up your phone
  • Protect yourself from hacks
  • Ensure your social privacy
  • Manage your smart home & IoT

and even more. The possibilities are just as limitless as the storage.

Daplie will be showing off this break through in personal storage in Eureka Park at CES 2018, booth #52342. You can also check out Daplie online here and an article we wrote about them last year, here. 

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Nibletz-EurekaPark Eureka Park Preview: Daplie Is The Personal Server Even Grandma Can Operate