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Italian Startup Introduces Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging, DazePlug

dazeplug-eurekapark-top Italian Startup Introduces Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging, DazePlugEureka Park Preview: DazePlug Is Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric cars are now sweeping the globe. It may have started with the commercial introduction of Tesla but now all of the major automobile manufacturers either have an electric car on the market or they have one in development.

While charging stations are beginning to pop up everywhere, charging in the home and at the office can still be quite cumbersome.

Some electric vehicle owners are fortunate enough to have a separate garage bay that they’ve already retrofit to house their electric car, charger and all. But even with an in home charger, the cars owner needs to remember to charge the car, move the charger and bulky charging cable so that it can charge, and make sure that the charging cable fastens directly into the car. That may sound easy enough, but after a long day, accidents happen. There’s nothing worse then getting ready to leave for work and finding out that the car didn’t charge.

An Italian startup called Daze Technology has introduced an autonomous electric vehicle charging system. Set it and forget it for the electric vehicle age. With the DazePlug “Every human contribution to the charging activity of the vehicle is deleted.” the company says on their website.

In designing the DazePlug the team at Daze Technology has thought of everything.

  • Power, DazePlug charges at 7.2kw to reduce charge duration. It will upgrade to 44kw and 150kw in the future
  • Automatic Charging, drive your vehicle over the charging surface and voila
  • Low Cost, competing with the benefits of inductive charging, DazePlug doesn’t need lot’s of copper for the energy transfer.
  • Energy Efficient, the DazePlug minimizes energy loss
  • Easy retrofit, the installation takes a trained technician just two hours to complete and it’s compatible with every vehicle.
  • Safety, the DazePlug is water proof and dust proof. It features an included protection system assuring 100% charging security.

The DazePlug is not inductive charging, it’s more like a robotic, in floor charging system that docks to the car when the car is driven over the sensor. This makes the charging process safer, more accurate and more cost effective.

Daze Technology will be showing off the DazePlug in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, booth #51926 you can also find out more at 

img_4535 Italian Startup Introduces Autonomous Electric Vehicle Charging, DazePlug