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Eureka Park Preview: Streamline Your Decision Making With Decizone

decizone-CES2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Streamline Your Decision Making With DecizoneDecizone Is An Extremely Easy To Use Platform To Help You Streamline Your Decision Making Process

How are you making decisions that affect your business, life or others? In many cases, bigger decisions take meetings after meetings and even more meetings. In some truly inefficient offices there are even meetings to decide whether to have more meetings. Then, when it’s time to actually pull the trigger, something gets in the way. Indecisiveness leads to procrastination and can harm company culture.

You may be an amazing leader, an amazing boss or a great founder. Why let decision making hold you back.

For most people, good decision making starts with a solid decision making system. That’s why San Francisco startup DeciZone has created a perfect, web and mobile based system to streamline decision making.

The DeciZone system is ideal for customer self support, trouble-shooting, advice, policy, ethics, strategy, interviews, surveys and more. The process is one that can be applied to any decision you have to make, from hiring an employee to buying that new car.

Visualization is one of the most effective tools when it comes to decision making. That’s why so many people “white board” big decisions, doodle them out on a legal pad or create a flow chart. DeciZone is rooted in visualizing that decision making process.

DeciZone starts with a full featured flowchart editor, ready to use on your mobile device. It’s intuitive interface is easy to use, in fact it requires virtually no instruction. You simply enter the key components to your decision and the positive and negative outcomes and voila.

The next piece is collaboration. DeciZone becomes a single source for your teams to align with your strategies and vision for consistency, which leads to improved company culture and streamlined decisions. You can easily manage your teams and content from anywhere using any device. If you have an upper level decision that needs to be made you can invite your upper level executives. If it’s a full team decision, invite your full team.  As your team members contribute to the decision making process, it’s updated on everyone’s screen so nobody is looking at outdated documents or extremely long email threads.

DeciZone has found that one of the best parts of the platform is that it trickles down. Allowing your entire team to use DeciZone for their own decision making instills the process company wide. This drastically cuts down the time it takes to make just about any decision. You’ll find that lower level decisions can be made without even reaching your desk.

DeciZone features include:

  • Easy to use mobile editor
  • Roles
  • Broadcast to your whole team
  • Links that can connect anything needed to support your decision
  • Improve specific decisions
  • Collaborate
  • Add multimedia to the flow chart
  • Analyze usage
  • Survey team members on the decision

Make your first decision, to visit DeciZone in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, booth #51075 and find out more online at decizone.com 

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Nibletz-EurekaPark Eureka Park Preview: Streamline Your Decision Making With Decizone

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