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Eureka Park Preview: The Future Of Worksite Safety Looks Like This

digisafe-eurekapark-ces-top Eureka Park Preview: The Future Of Worksite Safety Looks Like ThisFrench Startup DigiSafe Is The First 100% Nomadic System To Secure Any Worksite

There is a lot of technology available for workplace safety in factories and commercial indoor environments. Sensors, cameras, even laser technology can instantly let a factory foreman or chief safety office know when an employee has been compromised in an unsafe situation.

A good example of this would be chemical storage facilities where many fail safes are in place to ensure that workers don’t fall into tanks. Another would be in automotive factories where laser technology is used to ensure that factory workers don’t place their limbs or bodies in harms way.

But what about construction sites, outdoor work sites and temporary job sites?

French startup DigiSafe has created a plug and play mobile solution that helps secure hazardous areas and hazardous material areas and can locate and alert, in real time, all workers on site when danger is close. The flexible system can help work site managers, foremen and safety officers where the dangerous areas of any worksite are, and protect workers from those areas.

Using DigiSafe, when a worker is in a dangerous area or situation they are alerted, a ringing and vibrating alert is triggered, safety officers and supervisors are immediately notified and other workers are notified of the dangerous situation. Help can be dispatched in a moments notice.

DigiSafe Features:

  • Plug and play conncetivity
  • Completely nomadic system, no specific configuration or electric supply required
  • Precise, locate workers in danger within 50cm and with 500 ms reactivity
  • Long lasting, internal battery system is optimized for use over a month’s lifetime
  • Reliable, the system continuously, automatically self diagnoses itself for maximum up time
  • Completely autonomous, DigiSafe requires no network or GPS connectivity

DigiSafe is designed for rigorous and dangerous work environments like:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Construction sites
  • Energy sites and power plant facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Production plants
  • Automotive plants and maintenance facilities
  • Railway industry
  • Military applications

DigiSafe is the future of worksite safety and you can see the future now at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, January 9-12 in Las Vegas, booth #51259 and online at digisafe.fr/en/

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img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: The Future Of Worksite Safety Looks Like This