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Eureka Park Preview: Discoperi Is Saving Lives By Making Roads Safer With Eye

discoperi-eye-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Discoperi Is Saving Lives By Making Roads Safer With EyeSystem Eye From Discoperi Is A Next Generation Vehicle Safety System Leveraging The Internet Of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Crowdsourcing.

According to the World Health Organization in 2015 1.5 million people lost their lives do to vehicular accidents. Another 50 million people worldwide were injured. While not every accident is preventable with better notification, better observation and awareness over 74% of those accidents could have been either avoided all together or the casualties could have been much lower.

Also in 2015 7.4 million vehicles were stolen worldwide with over $50 billion dollars in damage.

A startup in Madrid called Discoperi is taking on car safety and protection with a spectacular, easy to use device called System Eye.

System Eye leverages the internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to make the roads safer and also make it easier to locate your vehicle should it get stolen.

It starts with safety and the ability for each Eye device in the system to record and store data about current traffic situations from a driving vehicles perspective even if the vehicle was going up to 120 miles per hour. Through 3G/4G and Wifi connectivity each Eye device delivers data back to a central data hub in real time. Think of it as using a sensor based device that automatically updated data, similar to the way people do, with Waze.

The amazing part is just that, Eye is able to capture traffic congestion, broken down vehicles, lane closures, road emergencies, disabled vehicles, flow of traffic disruptions and more. It does this through it’s own sensors on each Eye device and then the network of Eye devices at large. Basically, the more drivers using Eye in each area, the better the data will be.

For that, Discoperi is developing the device to be as efficient as possible and also as affordable as possible. Sure every startup wants to make boat loads of money, but for the Spain based startup their goal is to use technology to make driving as safe as possible.

They hope to offer the device to the mass market in the coming year, but this is the kind of device that automobile manufacturers should take a big look at. Imagine if all of the Volkswagen Group, GM, Ford, and Mercedes Benz vehicles produced automatically came with System Eye installed. Instantly roads would be safer, insurance rates would go down and lives would be saved.

Speaking of saving, System Eye and it’s network will be able to crowdsource the location of vehicles on the system making it almost impossible to hide a stolen vehicle right after it’s stolen.

You can meet this incredible team and talk about the future of car safety and vehicle protection at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51548 and online at