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Eureka Park Preview: TutorGen Is Harnessing The Power Of True Adaptive Learning

tutorgen-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: TutorGen Is Harnessing The Power Of True Adaptive LearningProven and Tried Research With A Human Centered, Data Driven Approach Makes The SCALE Engine A Standout In Adaptive Learning

With our primary focus at nibletz.com being edtech, and then startups everywhere else, since 2011, we love it when we get to report about amazing edtech companies that will be in Eureka Park at CES. Through our coverage of ISTE, EDUCAUSE, FETC, TCEA and countless other edtech events we’ve talked a lot about adaptive learning.

There are quite a few companies that are taking a curriculum and learning system approach to adaptive learning. That’s when the learning system or technology is able to use data, predictive analytics and a splash of artificial intelligence to keep up with the learners pace, regardless of how fast or slow the other students in the classroom are learning.

In the past five or so years, adaptive learning has been a true breakthrough in making sure each student learns the material at hand. It’s impossible in the time of one class or even one full school day for the teacher or instructor to help each student learn at the same pace. With adaptive learning, that becomes a reality.

TutorGen, an edtech company based in the Cincinnati area has developed The SCALE engine. They’ve taken a human centered, data driven approach that will provide a personalized and adaptive experience for learners using educational software.

The SCALE engine is a true adaptive learning engine that delivers the right content at the right time. As we talked about above, this ability to keep up with the learner’s pace helps build confidence in learners, which actually makes learning a lot easier. The algorithms built into The SCALE engine are designed to learn the learner and the way that they learn. They’re also designed to weigh the material  and the content creating efficiencies and improving results.

TutorGen will work with learning and educational institutions as well as educational content publishers to assess, analyze and personalize The SCALE engine for every application. This means that going through TutorGen, schools can use the curriculum and educational systems they are comfortable with and have that content presented through an adaptive system. In effect giving educators and administrators the ability to retrofit a system they prefer with The SCALE engine for adaptive learning rather than having to pick from another unknown system.

Another thing that sets TutorGen apart from other “adaptive learning” companies is that it was created by John Stamper PH.D, a lifelong educator who’s made Cognitive Tutors, Adaptive Learning and Dynamic Hint Generation his life’s work. TutorGen is being created backed by years of proven research.

If you’re an educator, administrator, CIO, IT implementor or edtech investor, make TutorGen one of your first stops at CES 2018, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, in Eureka Park booth #50322 and find out more online at tutorgen.com 

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