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Eureka Park Preview: Fibrum Wants VR For Everyone

fibrum-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Fibrum Wants VR For EveryoneRussian VR Company Fibrum Is One Of The Fastest Growing VR Companies In The World

Ilya Flaks, a Russian entrepreneur, started Fibrum with the hope to make virtual reality, a reality for everyone. Since 2013, after starting a mobile development company called Fibstone, he has made virtual reality the focus of his mission, and it’s working.

Fibrum has a three pronged approach to virtual reality; a VR system, a continually growing library of games and access to VR in a variety of ways.

Desirium is Fibrum’s virtual reality system currently in development. Their goal is to create a single application which will allow the user to experience VR in a variety of ways. Whether the user wants to take a trip through history or a trip through space, Desirium will be able to take them there.

Their VR headset is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with screens between 4 and 6 inches.The comfortable headset is available around the world from Russia to Germany, throughout Europe and even in the US at retailer’s like Fry’s Electronics. When user’s purchase the Fibrum Pro Virtual Reality Headset, they also get access to the entire library of Fibrum VR titles for a year. The headset features a modern design, high quality glass lenses and is designed for users between age 9 and 99.

The Fibrum mobile app, available in the iTunes app store and Google Play Store, gives users access to hundreds of titles across a wide variety of genres.

fibrum-cards Eureka Park Preview: Fibrum Wants VR For EveryoneAccess is also important to Fibrum. That’s why they’ve created virtual reality prepaid cards that allow users to purchase a timed license for their content in 30, 90 and 180 day increments. The affordable cards start at just $4.95 for a month of play and $17.95 for six months worth.

The company has also introduced an augmented reality product in the form of augmented reality greeting cards. This new spin on the decades old e-card gives the giver and the recipient a new way to experience greetings on mobile devices.

You can check out Fibrum in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. January 9-12th, booth #50912 and online at fibrum.com 

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img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: Fibrum Wants VR For Everyone