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Eureka Park Preview: Fingbox Is Your Home Network Multitool

fing-top Eureka Park Preview: Fingbox Is Your Home Network MultitoolFing Brings Enterprise Quality Tools To The Home Network

Just ten years ago your home network probably consisted of a $40 Linxys router and a single cat-5 cord. That was all you needed for a desktops and maybe a couple of laptops.

Five years ago you may have upgraded your router and added a do it yourself range extender. That was good enough for a couple laptops, maybe a gaming system, a tablet and some smartphones.

Today’s family of four can easily have 20+ devices on their family network. That’s a conservative estimate. Laptops, desktops, a smartphone for every family member, a tablet for every family member, a pair of fitbits, the thermostat, a couple of game systems, and you see how quickly the numbers add up.

Families today have as many devices on their networks as small businesses of just a few years ago. That doesn’t mean you should have to call a commercial level IT firm to secure and maintain your network. Those costs add up.

Fing has created an easy to use tool called the Fingbox.

Fingbox is a multitool for your network designed  to monitor, protect and diagnose your home networking issues.

With Fingbox you get all of these features in a simple solution.

  • Internet Secuity
  • Block devices/pause users
  • WiFi speed
  • Remote monitoring
  • Evil twin access point detection
  • DigitalFence
  • Internet Speed
  • Alerts & Events
  • Digital Presence

While some of these features are available in the control panels of many routers, Fingbox makes it easy for even non tech savvy users to set up and monitor the most important parts of your home network. Whether you’re running a complete smart home, or you have a couple of game systems and smartphones, Fingbox can help by giving you round the clock piece of mind.

Check out Fingbox in action in Eureka Park at CES 2018, booth #51924 January 23-26. Find them online at fing.io

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img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: Fingbox Is Your Home Network Multitool