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Eureka Park Preview: Go Commando Has Reinvented The Brand Ambassador Program

GoCommandoApp-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Go Commando Has Reinvented The Brand Ambassador ProgramCompanies Get Their Brands Into The Hands Of The Right Brand Ambassadors With Go Commando

College students can be the absolute best brand ambassadors. They listen to each other, and they all want to be in the know with the latest and greatest. That’s always been the case. Companies have paid big money for decades to get onto college campuses and to have brand ambassador programs.

As millennials started entering college fifteen years ago, brand ambassador programs were the best way to go. Major brands would find perky, outgoing college students, pay them a little bit of money and give them free product. These brand ambassadors would influence their friends, stand out at booths during tailgates and distribute whatever it was they were representing, at events.

Brand ambassador programs, the way they were initially set up, were destined to fail. There was no way to really prove that the ambassadors were doing what they were supposed to be doing. Product would be found in dumpsters and in dorm rooms, still in the box. And with the introduction of social media, brand ambassador programs lost their way to influencer programs.

The team behind Go Commando quickly realized that if they could bring the best of both worlds into one program the brand ambassador could be reborn.

Go Commando is a technology driven brand ambassador platform that is working for hundreds of brands across thousands of college campuses in the United States.

Brands sign up looking for brand ambassadors. Students sign up looking for work. Go Commando’s technology vets the brand ambassador candidate to make sure companies will be represented well, and then the relationship is born.

Once students start working for a brand, Go Commando’s platform can track how often they are working, where they are working and if they’re doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. For many companies and brands, using Go Commando is just as effective, if not more effective, than making on-site visits, which is nearly impossible.

Brands love Go Commando because it brings them a steady stream of reliable, influential students. Students love Go Commando because it can validate their work and ensure that they get paid faster. Colleges and Universities love Go Commando because it’s a safer way for students to earn money rather than finding these brand ambassador programs in the “Gigs” section of Craigslist.

If you’re a brand looking for brand ambassadors, a college looking for something new and exciting for student life, or a student looking to make a few bucks, check out Go Commando in Eureka Park at CES 2018, January 9-12, booth #51071 and online at gocommandoapp.com 

img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: Go Commando Has Reinvented The Brand Ambassador Program