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Gotyu Is A Fashionable, Feature Packed GPS Tracker, For Everything

gotyu-EurekaPark-top Gotyu Is A Fashionable, Feature Packed GPS Tracker, For EverythingEureka Park Preview: Check Out Gotyu The First GPS Tracker That People May Actually Use

GPS Trackers aren’t actually new. We’ve seen them in some form or fashion (or un-fashion) in Eureka Park at CES for the last four years. We’ve seen GPS trackers to track just about everything from wallets to pets, to luggage, to grandma.

All of the gps tracking devices that we’ve seen have fallen short in one way or another.

  • bad battery life
  • not actually GPS (bluetooth geo-fencing)
  • too big
  • too small
  • ugly
  • non-refined technology (interference/mis-reads)

We know that it’s hard to bring the perfect device to market. Some companies will make sacrifices in order to push a product to market but ultimately they come up short. We’ve seen a lot of that in the GPS tracker world.  Until now.

Gotyu (pronounced Got You), is a new GPS tracker designed for pets, people, luggage, cars or anything else that needs tracking. You see when people resort to GPS tracking it’s because they want to keep track of something. That something is typically valuable to them.

Gotyu is a fashionable GPS tracker that’s also feature packed:

  • Global ESIM breakthrough technology
  • Up to 3 weeks battery life
  • Interchangeable bracelets, and clips for pets, people and valuables
  • Easy to use large surface panic button

gotyu-image-2 Gotyu Is A Fashionable, Feature Packed GPS Tracker, For EverythingGotyu is ideal for keeping up with your cats and dogs. The small size wouldn’t become a burden for your favorite fur friend. It also can’t be removed by the animal itself. A clip makes it perfect to put in your handbag, your grandma’s handbag or even on your luggage as you travel. It’s nice to know you can pull up your luggage on your smartphone and make sure it’s in the same airport as you.

The panic button is a feature that makes Gotyu ideal for when you take your kids out to busy places like the mall, a baseball game or an amusement park. When they can’t see their parents they can press the panic button and alert their parents to their exact location.

The Gotyu mobile app can be used with as many Gotyu GPS trackers as you would like. You can share the Gotyu tracker location with any number of family members or friends. You can also set up AI powered geofencing alerts to know if your valuables, your pets or your people travel outside designated areas.

Gotyu has taken note of where other GPS trackers have fallen short and rolled it all into one, easy to use, fashionable device.

You can check out Gotyu for yourself in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas January 9-12th, booth #51475 and online at gotyu.tech

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img_4535 Gotyu Is A Fashionable, Feature Packed GPS Tracker, For Everything