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Can This Connected Cube Improve Work Space Environment? Find Out At CES 2018

greenme-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Can This Connected Cube Improve Work Space Environment? Find Out At CES 2018Eureka Park Preview:  GreenMe To Show Off How Connected Smart Cubes Can Improve Work Space Environments At CES 2018

Most employers in the world strive for the best work place environments and the best culture. Now we all know that most businesses can’t afford to have on-site shopping centers, arcade games and free chef prepared lunches every day like Google or Sales Force, but that doesn’t mean that companies shouldn’t strive for the best workspace environment.

A French startup called GreenMe is introducing connected cubes in Eureka Park at CES 2018, that will help improve the workspace.

This new comprehensive, connected and smart tool will help monitor, analyze and create comfortable work conditions in any sized office, across the globe. Many employers and employees don’t realize that simple factors like lighting, noise and humidity, can actually affect a workplace’s atmosphere, mood and even productivity.

The GreenMe system is a network of small internet connected cubes with built in sensors, mobile app, dashboard and even an API. These cubes are placed on desktops across your workplace and measure 10 parameters including, lighting, noise, humidity, air quality and more. The sensors send data to a central hub.  GreenMe doesn’t need access to your company’s private network, it’s a plug and play device.

In it’s current state the GreenMe system relays data back to that hub where the HR department or company executives can overlay the data over employee productivity, performance, attendance and other factors. Then they can affect change based on the data provided. As innovation continues we will most likely see a way to have the system talk to other parts of your smart office to implement changes automatically. Smart shades could be lowered or raised based on lighting. Lights could dim or get brighter. Humidifiers could be turned on, HVAC systems could be lowered or raised, to create the optimum workplace environment.

“We aim to promote employee-centric office design to make people happier at work. By improving the working environment, we want to promote employee engagement, creativity, and productivity. GreenMe will help our customers to create data-driven modifications to lower operational costs, and optimize the space for the well-being of their employees,” the company’s CEO Alexandre Dugarry said in a statement.

GreenMe is currently beta testing the system with over 1500 cubes installed at 80 offices in Europe. They plan to start shipping in the US in the Spring. You can see it live and in person at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #50863 and online at greenme.fr

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