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“Bucket List” CES Ends On Sour Note For HabitAware Founder, Aneela Kumar

bonaverde-ces-banner "Bucket List" CES Ends On Sour Note For HabitAware Founder, Aneela KumarFor HabitAware Founder Aneela Kumar, CES Was Amazing, Right Until They Were Ready To Leave

Aneela Kumar is the founder of HabitAware. It’s a wearable, unlike any other that we saw at CES 2018. The wearable is called Keen and it’s designed to help people realize when they are about to act on a bad habit, like hair pulling and scratching. The wearable gives the user haptic feedback (a little vibration) when their hand/wrist makes the movement toward a bad habit.

If you’re a hair twirler or hair picker, as your hand moves to your head you receive a vibration (not a shock). If you’re an eyebrow plucker, when your hand moves toward your forehead you get that little vibration as a reminder to stop what you’re doing.

Keen is effective because bad habits rely on your subconscious. When you’re made aware (hence the name HabitAware) you’re more than likely going to stop what you’re doing. At CES 2016 we saw two bad habit bracelet wearables but both shocked the user which was a more than unpleasant experience.

habitaware-ces2018-eurekapark-top "Bucket List" CES Ends On Sour Note For HabitAware Founder, Aneela KumarInvestors, accelerators and reporters looking for something different in the wearable space found it at Kumar’s booth, complete with a relaxing Zen garden.

Kumar is a self professed geek, nerd and technology lover. While other young women dreamt of beach vacations and skiing in the Aspen, she’s always wanted to go to CES. Weeks before the annual tech pilgrimage to Las Vegas, Kumar was telling anyone who would listen, not just about how cool Keen is but how much she’s wanted to come to the technology SuperBowl, basically since she can remember.

In a Facebook group, primarily for media covering CES, Kumar was widely accepted because of her spunky enthusiasm for technology and because she took in every single nugget of knowledge she could learn about the upcoming event. “Be sure to pack Vitamin C”, “Don’t take the death bus”, “Order twice as many cards as you think you’ll need”. When we checked in with her midday Tuesday she had taken all of that advice and more.

Kumar was very pleased with CES. Her company did well and it was far better than even her wildest dreams. During the four day Euerka Park exhibition Kumar and her team gathered over 1000 business cards from interested investors, entrepreneurs, accelerators and even buyers. That’s where the story turns sour.

As Kumar, her husband, two small children and their grandmother, prepared to leave Las Vegas and head home to Minneapolis, their car was broken into. While the computer monitor in the back of the car was left unharmed, a suitcase was stolen. Inside the suitcase were empty Keen boxes that Kumar had used at her booth, some signs, and every single business card they had collected during CES.

Now, all of those important contacts are gone, but hopefully just temporarily. If you visited Keen for any reason, and left your business card, please send a note to Kumar with your contact info. Her email address is on her card, which is probably in your stuff. If you didn’t receive Kumar’s card please email her at hello@habitaware.com  If you aren’t sure, watch the video above!

Find out more about Keen and HabitAware at habitaware.com


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petmio-cesbanner "Bucket List" CES Ends On Sour Note For HabitAware Founder, Aneela Kumar