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If You See One Smart Climate Control Startup At CES Make Sure It’s HiberSense

hibersense-CES2018-top If You See One Smart Climate Control Startup At CES Make Sure It's HiberSenseCES 2018 Preview: HiberSense Could Be The Next Honeywell, Here’s Why.

Did you know that $220 billion dollars is wasted every year on energy. $220 billion dollars is enough money to power all of New York city and it’s glorious 24 hour neon and subway for 34 years.

Most of that wasted money is attributed to your HVAC system. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an older system or even the latest Nest as your thermostat, one room of your house is always too cold, and one room is always too hot. The room that’s the perfect temperature, is always the hallway, where the thermostat is. That’s what Pittsburgh startup Hibersense founder, Jake Kring says, and just about every one in the world probably agrees.

HiberSense was born when Kring couldn’t get comfortable in his apartment. The problem was, that in this apartment the thermostat wasn’t even in the hallway it was in his roomate’s room which was always comfortable. After having to wear a goose down parka in the summer and electric bills that cost more than the rent, Kring knew something needed to be done.

Why not just get Nest?

We thought when Nest first came out that it would be the almighty end to fluctuating heating and cooling costs. We also thought it may end the conundrum of the bathroom feeling like a sauna and the living room feeling like an icehouse. To Nest’s defense it has caused an improvement for millions, but not a fix.  Nest is essentially a glorified on/off switch.

Today, HVAC companies, installers and repair people still live by an aged old 80/20 rule where 80 percent of the people will be comfortable, 10% will be too cold and 10% will be too warm. HiberSense has technology that’s starting to enter the market now, that can get that comfort to 100%.

How you ask?

HiberSense is unlike any other smart home HVAC solution on the market today. Their system is made up of three parts.

  • Wireless battery operated sensors
  • Wireless battery operated vents
  • HiberHub

When HiberSense is installed in  your home, office, commercial building or apartment it starts with the sensors. These sensors are put into rooms where the people are (not the hallway). Next, your traditional aluminum vents or changed out for new wirelessly connected vents. Finally the HiberHub is putting everything together in a masterpiece of a concert we call, total comfort.

Sensors gather the data from each room. The hub learns your behaviors and how you like the rooms. The hub lets the vents know when to open and shut based on the sensor data and AI/machine learning. Then all together, like magic, the rooms are totally comfortable. And, once the rooms are comfortable, the system shuts off, effectively saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

HIberSense is already being used in homes, a dental office, and an apartment building at the University of Pittsburgh.

The company that’s pitched across the country at startup events like Sup-X and UpPrize, is destined to become the next Honeywell.

Check out HiberSense at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52132 and online at hibersense.com 

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