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Holiday Wish List: Make The Best Coffee Ever, At Home, With Bonaverde

bonaverde-berlin-EurekaPark-CES2019-top Holiday Wish List: Make The Best Coffee Ever, At Home, With BonaverdeEureka Park Preview: Go From Crop To Cup With One Device In Under 20 Minutes With Bonaverde

At one point in time the Keurig was the most revolutionary thing to hit the world of home brewed coffee. For the past few years it’s been one of the top selling kitchen devices for the holiday season. Despite the fact that some people are destroying their Keurigs, there stands a firm place in the ecosystem of coffee drinkers for a machine more convenient, more authentic, producing better coffee. That machine is Bonaverde. It’s for true coffee lovers.

With the Bonaverde, pure elegance in design meets an equally elegant cup of coffee in a system Bonaverde, a German company, simply calls, Berlin.

A single Berlin coffee system contains all the roasting, brewing, filtering and serving systems you need for the perfect cup of coffee in one system, and in one box.

The progressive coffee connoisseur, is going to appreciate the entire Bonaverde operation from top to bottom. Not only have they created the ultimate coffee crafting system, they crowdfunded it. They’ve also made it possible for coffee investors to easily invest in the company through a program they call Seedrs.  Also, if you’re in Germany they offer the ultimate co-working and education center, right in Berlin.

As for the Berlin system, it comes in two equally pleasing colors, Berlin white and Berlin silver. Don’t be stymied by the $799 price tag. After all you’re getting multiple premium coffee crafting systems in one device. When you consider the cost of a premium roaster, a premium filtration system and premium serving, buying individual machines of this quality would cost a lot more.

Berlin puts you in the center of the Bonaverde coffee ecosystem. You get the beans directly from the company. They come with RFID tags, that when scanned by your own Berlin machine, offer the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever experienced.  That’s because you let Berlin know just how you like it and from bean to cup it brews the perfect coffee every time.

So whether you like a dark rich coffee or just a cup of Covfefe, the Berlin by Bonaverde is the machine you need.

You can order here. 

Taste the perfect cup of coffee from bean to cup at CES 2018, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, Eureka Park booth #51431 and visit them online here. 

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