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Eureka Park Preview: Styx, Show Me The Way, To Safety In Any Situation

styx-holor-CES2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Styx, Show Me The Way, To Safety In Any SituationSty(x), by Holor, Is The Fashionable Safety Device That You Can Take Anywhere.

Innovative connected technology continues to make the world a safer place, but sometimes it either looks way too conspicuous or way too “techie”. A company from Minnesota, called Holor, is changing that with their new safety wearable called Sty(x) (no music jokes we already made it in the headline).

Sty(x) is a fashionable watch available in three designs that doesn’t look like a safety device. The watch features an inconspicuous panic button that can alert a person’s emergency contacts to your location and that you’re in a dangerous situation. It also features an ear piercing alarm and strobe lights which will fend off a would be attacker and let others know you’re in danger.

The safety features that are part of Sty(x) are ideal for situations where you’re threatened physically, like an attack. But, it can also be the perfect device to alert people nearby that you may be suffering from an asthma attack, heart attack, bee sting or other acute emergency situation.

With Sty(x) on your wrist, you don’t have to worry about fumbling through your pocket or purse to find the emergency safety device. Since it lives on your wrist it’s also a full digital watch and features fitness tracking with steps, calories burned and a distance tracker.

Sty(x) was created by Kanthi Yalamanchili, who grew up in India. After watching a BBC documentary called “India’s Daughter” about a medical student that got raped by a group of drunk cowards, and then having an acquaintance’s daughter get murdered and dumped in a swamp by her husband in Minnesota, Kanthi knew she needed to do something to make women’s lives safer. Also, growing up in India she was one of those girls that would not be stopped from doing something just because she was a girl. While some of that was deep rooted in tradition, it was also rooted in fear for women and girls’ safety.

With her company Holor and the Sty(x) device, she’s done just that.  Kanthi teamed up with her cousin Sravani Gadde to create Sty(x) and the device is on the market today.

Check out Sty(x) at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51477 and online at wearstyx.com 

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