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CES 2018: Editor’s Choice Award Automotive: Hudly

habitaware-ces-banner-720 CES 2018: Editor's Choice Award Automotive: HudlyEureka Park: Be A Safer Drive, Drive With Hudly

It may have been the enthusiasm surrounding Corbin Wyatt, Hudly’s Marketing Manager, on the floor of the sweltering hot crammed Eureka Park that got us over to the Hudly booth but their technology takes the cake.

You see I’ve personally tried about 647 different “phone mounts” in all shapes and sizes. I’ve used Belkin, Bracketron, Nite Ize, off brand, name brand, you name it different phone mounts to be able to view my phone in a safe way while driving. Nothing seems to work because I refuse to take my iPhone X out of it’s Otterbox Defender. I explained this to Wyatt who said, why not just use Hudly.  Hudly, but that’s just a heads up display with driving information right? That’s what I thought, and I was wrong.

hudly-ces2018-eurekapark-top CES 2018: Editor's Choice Award Automotive: HudlyHudly is a next generation heads up display that displays what’s on your phone’s screen in a transparent display on your windshield. You can use apps designed for heads up displays that tell things like your driving information, navigation, car information heck you can even run the FIXD app on your phone and quickly look at your windshield to figure out why your cars flipping out.  Hudly is like putting your iPhone in the middle of your windshield and being able to see everything on it and right through it.

Couple your Hudly device with voice control and you can quickly respond to text messages, emails and even change your favorite songs on Spotify, safely and easily while keeping your eyes on the road.  One of the neatest functions is using a heads up display GPS app which will ensure you don’t miss that turn, you’ll see it come up on your Hudly and in person at the same time. Hudly truly brings safety and convenience in your car to an entirely new level.

People have grown dependent on their smartphones. There’s no reason to abandon your phone, embrace it, safely, using Hudly in the car. Hudly truly opens up a new world of possibility while you’re driving and you don’t even need a brand new car with a heads up option. With Hudly you can have a heads up display, showing all of your important apps and more, in any car.

It’s clear (you see what I did there) why Hudly is our CES 2018 Editor’s Choice award in the automotive category. Find out more by watching our video interview with Corbin Wyatt above and at

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