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Eureka Park Preview: Hugsy, The Perfect Blend Of Tech and Touch

hugshy-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Hugsy, The Perfect Blend Of Tech and TouchCES 2018 Preview: Tech Enabled Kangaroo Care, This is Hugsy.

Bonding with your baby as early as possible is essential to good development. That bond, through cuddling, starts as early as an hour after the baby is born.

Healthy babies end up with a lot more of this cuddling time than premature babies or babies that are born with health conditions that prohibit them from spending a lot of time with mom, right after they are born. Mothers miss out on very valuable Kangaroo Care, which is those skin to skin cuddling moments. A Dutch startup called Hugsy has created a line of products for this.

The Hugsy Pouch is a swaddling blanket designed to take in the mother’s scent. It stays on the baby while they are up close to their mother and while they are alone in the crib. Combine the innovative swaddling blanket with the Hugsy Heartbeat and your child will feel like momma is right near by, even when she isn’t.

The Hugsy Heartbeat is a smart heartbeat recording device. Mothers simply use the finger sensor while they are relaxed or cuddling with their baby. The device records mom’s heartbeat and then reproduces the sound and vibration for the baby. The Heartbeat can be laid next to the baby’s head while they have the Hugsy Pouch wrapped around them in their crib.

As the child gets older there’s the Hugsy Cuddle, a stuffed bear with a detachable body that doubles as a scent blanket. The Hugsy Heartbeat fits inside the bears head, so that your toddler can take it with them wherever they go.

Hugsy is great for transition times like moving from the hospital to home, or a parent’s bedroom to their own room, or even to daycare where their parents will be gone for hours. It gives the baby that familiarity that they need and crave at any age.

Hugsy originally stated out in a hospital setting, designed for premature babies. Babies that have to stay in the nursery or NICU may only get a few minutes with their parents at a time. Using the Hugsy Pouch they can preserve that time even while they are away from their parents.

Other parents started asking the founders of Hugsy, Jody van den Tillaart and Sylvie Claes where they could get Hugsy for their babies and the duo decided to take Hugsy to the home market.

Hugsy nurtures and improves important bonding moments for parents and babies. It’s also been clinically tested in dutch hospitals.

You can check out Hugsy products for yourself at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #51522 and you can check them out online and pre-order today at

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