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Eureka Park Preview: Humon, How Far Can You Push Your Body

humon-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Humon, How Far Can You Push Your BodyHumon Gives Athletes The Real Data They Need, To Know How Far They Can Go

It’s just about time for CES 2018. That means in addition to the Fitbits, Apple Watches and other “fitness friendly” wearables on the market, we’re going to see another 1,000 or so try and make an entrance at the biggest consumer technology show in the world. Except there’s a problem.

Most of the fitness wearables available today are for the every day consumer. The weekend warrior. The guy or girl who may go to the gym a couple of times a week, again, the “fitness friendly”. There’s a reason you won’t see serious competitors wearing Fitbits and Apple Watches during training or practice.

Most serious athletes know the equations in their head to instantly figure out how “successful” their workout is. They know how to measure their heart rate, they know their bodies.

According to Alessandro Babini and Dan Wiese, the co-founder of MIT startup Humon, relentlessly sought out what real true endurance athletes needed from a wearable. Emphatically, the response was their “lactic acid threshold”. “This underlying problem all athletes have is knowing how hard they can push themselves without exceeding the limits of their body,” Babini told BostonInno last year.

That lactic acid threshold tells athletes exactly how much further they can push themselves. The Humon wearable, worn on the thigh, tells athletes just that.

When paired with the Humon app, the wearable shows athletes how far they’ve pushed and how much further they can go. Humon has made it easy to view the data on a smartphone, Apple watch or even a bike computer, putting it within reach, even during the most rigorous workouts.

They’re not the first wearable to provide insight into their lactic acid threshold, but they are the first device that gives realtime feedback which helps them train better, and smarter.

You can check out Humon at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, booth #52704 and online at

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