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Eureka Park Preview: Keep Your Private Conversations Private With HushMe

hushme-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: Keep Your Private Conversations Private With HushMeCES 2018 Preview: Hushme Is The New Device To Keep Your Conversations To Yourself

We’ve all been there, on both sides of the equation. We’ve been sitting down at our desks in an open office environment or maybe working out of a coffee shop. Our phone rings and we struggle to maneuver our hands to cover our mouths so the people around us can’t hear our side of the conversation. This awkward looking twist motion barely does anything to block the sound. It makes us look like we’re accusing others of eaves dropping and stops us from doing any kind of work.

On the other side of that equation, we’ve been working peacefully at the local coffee shop and someone gets a call. We rather not hear their play by play of their date last night or their thoughts on the college football playoff. Either way, it’s hard to have privacy when you’re on the phone in a public place.

No one has thought to bring back the phone booth so we can just dip inside and call someone on our iPhone. But Hushme could be the solution.

Hushme is the world’s first voice mask for mobile phones. It’s a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments.

The ergonomically designed face mask fits over the users face. The mask has a built in microphone that ensures the person calling can hear the user loud and clear. The mask blocks any outside ears from hearing your side of the conversation. Hushme can go even further to block the sound by playing other sounds like the ocean, rain, a minion or R2D2.

With more than 60% of today’s offices turning to open space floor plans, the Hushme makes sense for those important work calls. This means you don’t have to get up from your seat, secure your belongings and high tale it outside. You can simply put on the Hushme mask, close the front up and talk like normal.

The Hushme is great for people that just want privacy but it’s also ideal when you’re on a business call, talking about medical care or anything else you would like to keep confidential from the outside world.

The mask itself looks futuristic and has been described as comfortable to wear. It features an earphone so you can hear the caller loud and clear and can even double as a Bluetooth speaker. The Hushme is controlled by a companion mobile app.

So far there’s no other device available quite like it. The company has already been through a successful Kickstarter and a successful Indeigogo campaign.  You can also see Hushme in person at CES 2018 In Eureka Park, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, Booth #51480 and online at gethushme.com 

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