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That FitBit Does You No Good If You Forget To Work Out, InfinitWe Helps Change Those Behaviors

infinitwe-CES2018-eurekapark-top That FitBit Does You No Good If You Forget To Work Out, InfinitWe Helps Change Those BehaviorsEureka Park Preview: Infinitwe Will Help Change Your Health Behavior For Lifelong Well Being

That Series 3 Apple Watch you bought because of all the cool fitness apps on it, does you no bit of good if you aren’t taking the time out of your busy schedule to use it. The Fitbit you’re wearing can’t calculate the improvement in calories burned if you aren’t burning any calories. Fitness, and before that, health and well being, start with changing your behavior.

We’re all super busy these days. We’ve got kids, appointments, work, school, functions, cocktail parties, shopping, pets and a host of other things that keep us too busy to take take an hour, a half an hour, or even a few minutes for ourselves for our health and well being.

A startup out of Reno Nevada, called Infinitwe realized that health changes, better living and fitness start changing your behavior. They originally introduced their app Infinitwe and it’s companion tracker, called Activewe, to the caregiver market. Millions of caregivers across the country spend countless hours giving selfless time to others, that they forget to take time for themselves. Even time for a quick walk, jog or swim.

People love and depend on their caregivers (even if they give them a hard time), their worlds would be changed forever if anything ever happened to them. Personally, I know many seniors who would give their caregivers a harsh talking to if they found out they were too busy to go for a jog or keep up with their bodies.

That’s the foundation of Infinitwe’s health behavior changing app. The app starts with capturing the users vision and focusing on long term success. It helps identify motivation and meaningful affirmations. The next part draws upon the users personal social network. Through Infinitwe users can grow reciprocal social support with families, friends, beloved patients and even other caregivers and users. Now old lady Jones can offer you just the encouragement you need to remember to take care of yourself.

This social aspect of the Infinitwe app keeps users engaged through highs and lows. It allows friends and loved ones to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and reminds users to forgive themselves and that it’s ok to move forward.

Infinitwe allows you to set and revise goals as you go. Maybe for the first few days you want to make sure that you take a 10 minute walk. A week later you may want to take a 30 minute walk or a jog. You may want to remind yourself to eat better. Whatever it is, Infinitwe is able to drive these positive changes.

If you’re a caregiver there’s a patient care module where you can monitor your patient’s activity as well and even when you’re not with your patient, be alerted when they haven’t been active.  Also, because Infinitwe was originally introduced for caretakers, other caretakers are noted with hearts so you know who’s in the exact same boat as you. There’s force in numbers, even positive force.

The Ininitwe app is based on user research and they continue to innovate. Infinitwe helps users:

  • Set attainable goals with personalized motivation
  • Provides meaningful feedback to promote adherence
  • Provides supportive feedback for slipping, from the users own network and beyond
  • Caregiver network with twin profiles
  • Nudges for mindfulness, changing mental models and building allies

You have to walk before you can run, Infinitwe gives you the mindset to start making more meaningful choices for your health, wellness and fitness.

You can learn more about Infinitwe at CES 2018, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, in Eureka Park, booth #52306 and online at

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CES-nibletz-house-banner-2 That FitBit Does You No Good If You Forget To Work Out, InfinitWe Helps Change Those Behaviors