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CES2018: Informu Is Changing The Locator Sensor Tag Game

we-stream-ces-banner CES2018: Informu Is Changing The Locator Sensor Tag GameMeet MuTag The Smartest Locator Tag We’ve Seen

informu-mutag-ces2018-eurekapark-top CES2018: Informu Is Changing The Locator Sensor Tag Game

Since Tile was introduced at CES 2012, we’ve seen a lot of locator sensor tag startups come and go. Everyone was trying to figure out how to make locating stuff easier. That seems like a good problem to solve, but what if you didn’t lose stuff in the first place. That’s the idea behind MuTags from a startup called Informu.

MuTag from informu, can be connected to any device and you can set up parameters and rules that will remind you to take your stuff with you (somewhat similar to IFTTT). For example, say you have an important presentation on Monday that you finished the previous Wednesday. You want to make sure you don’t forget the thumb drive with the presentation on it when you leave for work on Monday morning. You can attach a MuTag to the thumb drive, and tell it through the app that on Monday morning, before you leave the house, you need to take that thumb drive with you. MuTag will alert you before you leave the house. Then, if for some reason you get in your car and pull off without the thumb drive it will remind you to go back and pick it up.

If you have MuTags set up on your car keys, when the app knows it’s time to leave for work it can prompt you to find your car keys. This is the first tag that’s letting people know before they actually lose something.

More broadly, you can attach a MuTag to your passport or your travel luggage, and when you enter travel information into your phone, you can automatically be reminded to take your passport or your luggage. When you use a MuTag with your luggage you can keep up to date with where your luggage is as you’re traveling. Then when you arrive at your destination you can sit back, relax and when your luggage comes up the conveyor belt, you’ll be alerted.

Check out our video interview above and for more information visit informu.io

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