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CES 2018 Interview: 0W1 Audio Is Putting HiFi Audio In A Boombox Footprint

habitaware-ces-banner-720 CES 2018 Interview: 0W1 Audio Is Putting HiFi Audio In A Boombox FootprintThe D5 By 0W1 Audio Let’s You Take HiFi With You.

Do you get goosebumps when you listen to really good music? Have you ever been to a concert of your favorite band, singer or orchestra and felt the emotion ripping through your body, goosebumps going through your arms and the sound surrounding you from head to toe?

Are you an audiophile? Do you spend entirely too much money with Bang and Olufsen or other high fidelity brands? Do you have an audio system in your home that costs more than some people’s first cars? Do you like watching movies in your living room with sound so crisp you can hear a dinosaur walking up behind you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you have a lot in common with Philippe Briot and Jean Beauve, two buddies from Belgium who both happen to be audiophiles, entrepreneurs and love just “feeling” the music.

Music and sound are great. Sometimes they are things we take for granted in this day and age. There’s also a lot of technology available these days that makes you think you’re getting a great audio experience but you’re really getting a stretched out piece of completely flat audio.  While the mp3 and digital music brought convenience to the masses they also degraded music sound and audio in ways never seen before. You see as music delivery got physically smaller it got sonically worse.

These are all ideas that Briot explained to Nibletz’s Abby Knight in an interview at CES about Briot and Beauve’s company 0W1 Audio (pronounce O One Audio) and their device the D5.

D5 is a music playing device that is the next generation music box. From a portability stand point you could call it the next generation boombox as well, but from an audio, sound and sonic standpoint “boombox” doesn’t give the device justice. The D5 is a HiFi device in a boombox’s body.

With D5 you get an unimaginable authentic, sonically rich sound out of a device not much larger than a hover board. 0W1 Audio has included the latest tech features including gesture control, Bluetooth and the ability to store thousands of songs locally on the device itself. It’s grab and go HiFi for the millennial and post millennial generation.

Check out our interview above and for more information visit here and here. 

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ovie-ces-banner-720 CES 2018 Interview: 0W1 Audio Is Putting HiFi Audio In A Boombox Footprint