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Eureka Park Preview: Octopus By Joy Is The Training Wheels For Good Habits

joy-octopus-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Octopus By Joy Is The Training Wheels For Good HabitsCES 2018 Startup: The Octopus Watch By Joy Is An Icon Based Smart Watch For Kids 3 and Up That Helps Teach Good Habits

Take a look at any “mom group” on Facebook and you’ll undoubtedly find stories about young children taking over their parents’ Apple watches as their own. They love the buttons, the display, the icons and the alerts that come with the shiny watch. While the latest Apple watches are water proof, they aren’t teeth proof or tantrum proof. Over the years we’ve seen more and more families start putting tablets and smart phones in the hands of toddlers, why not smart watches.

There are a handful of decent kids smart watches but for the most part, many of them are technology intended for adults re-worked in a kids frame. Some of the smartwatches that are specifically designed for kids have horrible pixalated graphics and games boring enough to put a three year old to sleep.

The folks at Joy, a California wearable startup, have created a smart watch for kids, that’s designed to do things to better kids lives (and parents lives by proxy).

The Octopus is a functioning watch. It tells the time and does a whole lot more, things that would actually be useful to a child between the ages of three and seven.

For starters it looks and feels like a smartwatch all their own. Next, it tells the time, and what better way to teach a child how to tell them time than to put a watch on their wrist. Beyond that, the magic happens.

The Octopus has over 700 icons that can be programmed to a schedule specific to your child. These icons were designed specifically with children in mind. For example, an icon with a tooth brush with toothpaste on it, naturally reminds children it’s time to brush their teeth. An icon with the moon on it would symbolize bed time and an icon with a fish bowl can remind children they need to feed the fish.

Using an easy to use companion app for iOS parents can create a scheule of the important things their children need to do everyday. They can also set reminders for things their kids may forget, like grabbing their lunch on the way out to the school bus.

The watch features a nice LCD 256 color display, a hypo-allergenic band and storage for up to 1600 icons. The only radio it uses is when it’s syncing data to a smartphone. The watch features vibration alerts (haptic feedback) instead of audible alerts so that kids get their reminders privately.

When designing Octopus, Joy also made sure to add an emergency button that can quickly display up to five lines of emergency text, like mom and dads names and phone numbers.

Charging Octopus is the best part. The charger serves as a night light as well, a friendly reminder for kids to charge their octopus as they’re going to bed.

Octopus is a CES 2017 Innovation Awards honoree.

The Octopus is available online now, here. You can see it for yourself at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #50617 and online at heyjoy.io.

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