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Eureka Park Preview: Lubn Makes Property Access Management Simple

beyondzero-ces-banner Eureka Park Preview: Lubn Makes Property Access Management SimpleLubn Is Simplifying Property Management Access For Realtors, BnB Hosts, Property Managers, Service Providers and More.

lubn-ces2018-eurekapark-top Eureka Park Preview: Lubn Makes Property Access Management Simple

If you’re a realtor, property manager or even a Airb BnB host you’ve probably been looking for the easiest way to allow safe and secure access to property. For years the realtor’s lock box has helped realtors get in and out of listings.

If you’re a realtor you really know the pain of having to let people in and out of one of your listings. If it’s your listing it’s easy enough, your appointment shows up, you punch the little code into the lock box and you take the key out and walk in. If another realtor wants to show your listing you either need to meet them at the listing itself or trust them enough to give them the code to that property’s lock box by phone or text message. Soon afterwards other realtors are letting themselves in and out of your listing without an appointment. Their client wants to see “one more thing” so they just go over and show them. It’s not a very safe or secure situation.

Today’s AirBnB hosts have been struggling with finding ways to safely let their guests into the property, without having to compromise their busy schedules. More often than not, the key is just left under the doormat, or in one of those fake security rocks. That may seem safe to some, but now every AirBnB guest that has ever rented your property, knows where the lock is kept.

Lubn has revolutionized the realtors lock box which is being used for realtors, property owners, property managers, service providers, and even store owners. Lubn is a connected property access lock box designed for anyone that needs access to your property, for whatever reason.

Lubn works in three simple steps, click-on, insert keys and manage access using the Lubn app. Lubn is also the only lockbox of it’s kind that uses cellular technology instead of wifi. That means that your beachfront property, or cabin in the woods can be protected by Lubn.  When you use Lubn your guests, realtors or service providers call a special phone number from their phone. The Lubn authenticates the call and the key drops out of the bottom. When their stay, or showing is over they simply put the key back into Lubn. It logs the fact that the guest has “checked out” and updates your app.  The app also allows you to manage multiple properties where you have Lubn lock boxes.

The Lubn app features include:

  • An easy to use guestbook that lets you control who can have access to your keys and when.
  • Schedule provides you with a timeline and calendar view that gives you full visibility and control of your access schedules
  • Notifications will tell you when a guest, realtor or service provider checks in and out.
  • Status lets you know with a quick glance if your key magazine has been returned and even the battery status
  • An intelligent summary view serves as a dashboard that shows you all the pertinent information on one screen
  • Property list allows you to view all of your properties.

You can check out the future of property management access at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #52748 and online at lubn.com 

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