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CES 2018: MakePi Prepares The MakePad For Launch [video]

bonaverde-ces-banner CES 2018: MakePi Prepares The MakePad For Launch [video]Our 10 Year Old EdTech Reporter Tatum Talks With The Creator’s of MakePad

There’s a variety of Raspberry Pi computer kits that allow children and students to create their own laptop or computer. Once created they have a working tablet great for learning to code. Kids often tinker with these kits and as they advance in their coding and development skills they start hacking together things on their own.

MakePad features include:

  • 10.1″ Touchscreen Display
  • Raspberry Pi Based Hardware
  • Operating System customized for STEM education
  • Encased, long life lithium ion battery

Coding is a valuable skill. Recent surveys have suggested that up to 90% of parents want their children to learn to code. Many also suggest that coding will be one of the fundamental courses in elementary and middle schools within the next five years. Educators are starting to see past coding as programming and diving deep into the problem solving skills that come hand in hand with learning to code.

MakePi keeps that in mind throughout the entire MakePad experience. Kids will learn problem solving and basic coding as they assemble the tablet itself. They’ve included a digital music app that teaches kids to create their own music. They also have a Minecraft modding tool, called Make-Mods that gives kids the chance to create their own mods, similar to Tynker. As kids advance in their coding knowledge MakePi grows with them. Kids will eventually learn how to do text coding in Python.

They will officially launch MakePad on Kickstarter next month and with the solid construction, intuitive interface and a casing that’s easily customizable with legos, they shouldn’t have any problem oversubscribing.

MakePi has had a great fist CES so far. They were selected to pitch in Monday night’s Tech.co pitch event and their booth has been steadily busy.

With MakePi’s MakePad and other DIY kits, kids learn just as much from the assembly process, as they do once the tablet is complete.

Check out the video above and for more information visit makepi.com

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debussy-ces-banner CES 2018: MakePi Prepares The MakePad For Launch [video]


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