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Children Can Make Their Own Tablet With MakePad From MakePi

makepi-eurekapark-top Children Can Make Their Own Tablet With MakePad From MakePiEureka Park Preview: MakePi’s MakePad Is The First Do It Yourself Tablet For Kids

Nibletz is known for our coverage of startups, technology and edtech. We love to see when all three come together. That’s the case with MakePi and their MakePad tablet.

Since the Raspberry Pi was introduced to the market we’ve seen several “kits” designed for kids to build desktop, laptops and other kinds of computers. Companies like Pi-Top and Piper  have won over the endorsement of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for their innovative way of teaching coding, STEM/STEAM skills and turning creative kids into makers.

MakePad by MakePi is the first tablet that children can build with their own hands. Kids will learn how to code, create, develop and more while doing a fun project and getting a sense of completion. Once finished, they’ll be able to use the MakePad to browse the web, play games and learn to code.

MakePad features include:

  • 10.1″ Touchscreen Display
  • Raspberry Pi Based Hardware
  • Operating System customized for STEM education
  • Encased, long life lithium ion battery

Coding is a valuable skill. Recent surveys have suggested that up to 90% of parents want their children to learn to code. Many also suggest that coding will be one of the fundamental courses in elementary and middle schools within the next five years. Educators are starting to see past coding as programming and diving deep into the problem solving skills that come hand in hand with learning to code.

MakePi keeps that in mind throughout the entire MakePad experience. Kids will learn problem solving and basic coding as they assemble the tablet itself. They’ve included a digital music app that teaches kids to create their own music. They also have a Minecraft modding tool, called Make-Mods that gives kids the chance to create their own mods, similar to Tynker. As kids advance in their coding knowledge MakePi grows with them. Kids will eventually learn how to do text coding in Python.

You can check out MakePi for yourself in Eureka Park at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, booth #50722 and online at makepi.com