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Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary Among Stars Visiting Eureka Park At CES 2018

we-stream-ces-banner Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary Among Stars Visiting Eureka Park At CES 2018Shark Tank Stars and Cyber/Crypto Pioneer To Make Booth Appearances For Their Startups At CES 2018’s Eureka Park.

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It’s just hours after the Christmas dust has settled and all of our eyes are on CES 2018 and Eureka Park. This year Eureka Park is playing host to over 800 startups from across the globe. Nibletz is already the #1 Google News source for Eureka Park, you can see our coverage here.

While you’re roaming the crowded aisles of CES’ startup expo, now in it’s 5th year, you’ll be able to see the latest in connected devices, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, food and beverage technology, and even a device to retrofit your dumb refrigerator and make it smarter. Tens of thousands of investors, buyers, partners and startup enthusiasts will take in Eureka Park, just a fraction of the entire CES extravaganza, the largest consumer technology event in the western hemisphere.

One of the other big attractions is the stars that come out to see the latest technology, help pitch companies they’ve invested in or find new investments themselves.

While there are no official plans for the other shark’s from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, we can count on both Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary to make appearances in Eureka Park.

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Cuban is no stranger to CES. He often appears on panels and can be seen walking the aisles at Eureka Park checking in with entrepreneurs and stopping to see the latest technology. This year he will be supporting Kino-Mo a London startup that he’s invested in. The company is shaking up the world of display advertising through the use of holograms. Kino-mo’s technology costs a fraction of what other hologram technology companies charge. This holographic advertising can put images of products right before the consumers eyes.

O’Leary will be at Eureka Park to support recent Shark Tank investment, BenjiLock. Robbie Cabral’s rags to invention story brought American audiences to tears as he talked about bringing his easy to use biometric padlock to market, and to the show. O’Leary has been working tirelessly to put partnerships in place for BenjiLock and will stop by the BenjiLock booth to talk about this technology and show people why he invested in not just BenjiLock but Cabral as well.

Cybersecurity pioneer, bitcoin analyst and tech visionary for MGT Capital, John McAfee, will make another appearance this year at Eureka Park to support EveryKey a company the technology rebel backed in it’s infancy. Two years ago he appeared at the same booth fresh of the heels of his Presidential bid where he came in third in the Libertarian party, as well as right after a string of new commercials promoting the password alternative technology had arrived on the scene.  In addition to EveryKey, McAfee has a highly secure smartphone on the way, what’s believed to be the most secure smartphone in the world. Also, he’s rolling out his own crypto-currency and regularly appears in the global media as a supporter of crypto-currency.

All appearance times are TBD. We will update this story as the event draws closer.

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