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Eureka Park: These Headphones Help You Focus

habitaware-ces-banner-720 Eureka Park: These Headphones Help You FocusMindset Are The Headphones That Help You Focus and Improve Your Concentration

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There are a lot of noise cancellation headphones available today. What was first marketed to the world as a way to block airplane noise and enjoy your own music on a flight, has quickly become the go to technology for focus. The idea is simple, block out the outside noise and you can focus better. That’s true to an extent, but so much more could be done. A Canadian startup called Mindset is doing just that.

Mindset has created the first over the ear headphone designed to help you focus and concentrate better.

It starts with a comfortable, foam padded over the ear headphone. The headphone itself is Onkyo, a brand known for excellent range, loved by audiophiles everywhere. They have state of the art noise cancelling technology that blocks all outside distraction. But for Mindset, that’s just the beginning.

ovie-ces-banner-720 Eureka Park: These Headphones Help You FocusMindset over the ear headphones feature EEG sensors in the headband that are constantly measuring the user’s brain waves. With these measurements Mindset is able to send signals to the user when they are losing focus. When the user gets distracted Mindset sends a subtle audio cue to bring them back to focus. Mindset also uses this data to let users know when they need to take a break so that they can focus better. These signals help the user concentrate and focus better by training the brain.

Does this work? Decades of research have shown that it typically takes the brain 15-20 minutes to refocus after getting distracted. With Mindset, user’s can refocus in seconds.

Mindset is the first company ever to offer this kind of data and technology to it’s users. Mindset headphones use machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn the user’s routines and when they need to focus better. There’s a state of mind that psychiatrists and psychologists call “The Flow State” it’s when people are the most focused, time seems to move quicker and you are completely absorbed in your task or your work. Mindset is using their technology to help people get into that flow state quicker.

After using Mindset headphones over time you’ll be able to get into the flow state at will, with or without using Mindset.

People would pay thousands of dollars for technology that truly made them more productive. Mindset is preordering now for under $300.

You can try them in person at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th in Eureka Park, booth #50006 and visit them online at 

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