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We Got To Meet Mitipi’s Answer to Kevin McAllister, At CES 2018

habitaware-ces-banner-720 We Got To Meet Mitipi’s Answer to Kevin McAllister, At CES 2018Eureka Park Startup Mitipi Shows Off “Kevin” at CES 2018

We finally got the answer we’ve been looking for since we first reported on Mitipi and Kevin earlier this month. Kevin “may have been inspired by” Home Alone main character, Kevin McAllister.

We all know the story of Kevin McAllister and the first Home Alone movie. McAllister’s family accidentally forgets him as they travel across the ocean to France for Christmas vacation.

Meanwhile back at home, two burglars have been scouting out the affluent neighborhood in hopes of finding houses to rob while their occupants are away. McAllister uses toy trains, silhouettes, broken ornaments and a fake gangster movie to make it appear that his house is filled with people, in hopes of preventing the bumbling burglars from coming into his home.

Like McAllister, Kevin by Mitipi is designed to thwart would be burglars by making the house look occupied. The all in one device uses a variety of LED lights and sound effects to make it appear that someone is home.

Kevin comes packed with enough to programs to last for weeks ensuring that burglars won’t see the same loop over and over again, the way the did at Kevin McAllister’s house.

Lights turn on and off at different intervals and would be burglars hear people doing the dishes, talking and listening to music, which should make them change their minds.

Mitipi decided, after researching thefts and break-ins, that they really wanted to create something that truly prevented break-ins rather than another “smart” notification system. With most alarm systems, by the time the home owner is notified of a break in, they’ve already been violated. Regardless if they had any monetary loss in the break-in, the psychological effects can be long lasting.

Kevin is a stand alone device and does not require an internet connection or smart home system to operate. However it can be connected to the internet for updates.

Check out our interview from CES 2018 above, and for more info visit mitipi.com

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