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Eureka Park Preview: Move Over Dyson, RoCo Is True Personal Comfort

mobilecomfort-ces2018-top Eureka Park Preview: Move Over Dyson, RoCo Is True Personal Comfort

RoCo team at 2017 ARPA E-Tech Showcase (photo: University of Maryland)

RoCo Is The Personal Air Conditioner You’ve Been Waiting For Your Entire Life

Fan technology has improved over the years. Even Dyson came out with a fan that makes it feel a little cooler near by. But so far, there hasn’t been a device that could quickly make you comfortable in areas where air conditioners aren’t available. Until now.

Mobile Comfort Inc, a startup coming out of the University of Maryland, has created the device we’ve been waiting for, forever, the personal air conditioner. It’s the first ever robotic personal conditioning device, better known by the name RoCo.  People can finally have on-demand comfort, wherever they are.

Roco is the world’s first personal air conditioner. It’s battery operated and will keep you cool for four hours before it needs a charge.

With RoCo you can have an air conditioner anywhere, even in enclosed spaces, living rooms, outside, even in your office. If your central air conditioner unit goes down, you can use the RoCo instead of using a traditional fan that just blows hot air around.

The company has made it simple to use, set it down and turn it on and the smart nozzle directs cold air to the user. Don’t get RoCo confused with a fan or an ice cooler it’s a true personal air conditioner, a personal sized heat pump.

RoCo features:

  • 15 inches in diameter
  • 30 inches tall
  • 40 lbs
  • Included caster for easy movement
  • Charge time 4 hours
  • Operating range 3 to 10 fee

RoCo is ideal for senior care facilities, outdoor and recreational use, manufacturing plants, offices, bedrooms, and older buildings where traditional heating and cooling are difficult, and costly.

When you need the instant gratification of air conditioning  and being cooled down, RoCo from Mobile Comfort can do that for you.

Cool off at CES 2018, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, Eureka Park, booth #52833 and online mobilecomfort.us

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img_4535 Eureka Park Preview: Move Over Dyson, RoCo Is True Personal Comfort.



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