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Eureka Park Preview: This Is A Monument To All Of Your Photos and Videos

monument-CES2018-EurekaPark-top Eureka Park Preview: This Is A Monument To All Of Your Photos and VideosMonument Can Store All Of Your Photos and Videos Effortlessly, and You Own It.

Take a look around your home office, desk, workstation or backpack and we’re pretty sure you’re going to find thumb drives, hard drives and other digital media containing all of your precious memories. Not to mention the ten different cloud providers that house even more of that life long collection. And if you’ve ever switched from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android chances are you have photos left in the iCloud and on Google Photos.

Undoubtedly you’ll be summoned to some wedding, reunion or get together with the family and you’ll want that one photo you took three years ago on a random Sunday. Well, clear your schedule for the weekend you’re in for a long trip down memory lane trying to figure out just where that picture is stored.

So many people have been there. Solutions that were supposed to make our lives easier have actually made them more complicated. Ask your mom or your grandma to find a picture of you climbing a tree at age six and they’ll know just what shoe box or photo album it’s stored in.

That’s what drove a small group of engineers and designers in Chicago to create Monument.

Monument is the one single, connected, expandable device to store and manage all of your photos and videos. With Monument all of your photos and videos sync via your WiFi network as soon as you arrive, clearing up precious space on your device. It works just as easily with DSLR and other stand alone cameras, simply plug in your SD card and Monument automatically transfers all of them.

Monument is more than just an easy to use storage device. Artificial Intelligence (AI), built in to the device analyzes and organizes your photos and videos by date, location, camera type, faces and what’s in them. Even if they haven’t been previously tagged. It makes it super easy to just type a few search terms and find that special photo (Facebook could learn something there).

Through your WiFi network you can enjoy viewing your memories on smartphones, tablets and even the tv in the living room. Do you remember all of those slide shows your grandpa used to give, well you can now have the same luxury at Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to Monument.

The best part is that Monument is your own personal cloud which means there are no fees whatsoever. If you ever run out of storage space, Monument is easily expandable by just plugging an external hard drive right into the back of it. Then those photos are just as easily accessible.

The future of photo and video management is here, with Monument. Check it out at CES 2018 in Eureka Park, January 9-12th in Las Vegas, booth #51505 and online at getmonument.com 

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